Google Shopping Culinary for Merchants: Your First 3 Ingredients

By Tinuiti Team

1. Cut list. Create an ad group or label titled ‘cuts’ or something similar to signify that the items with that ad group should have a 1 cent bid in Google Shopping.

2. Top performing products list. Search on Google Analytics and find your 100 – 500 best performing products. Put them in a group and increase their bid a bit more than your all product group.

3. Tracking. Set this up:

To track the new Google Shopping, this requires another column, called “adwords_queryparam”.

In the example below, we fill this column with “utm_content={adtype}”.

This column allows you to have Google automatically append your URLs with what’s in the column, and replace {adtype} with “pe” or “pla” depending how a user got to your site.

So a user going to your site via product extensions or product listing without this column will end up at:


With this new column, a user coming from product extensions will end up at:


A user coming from product listing ads will end up at:


Then you can break down your traffic by source in Google Analytics.

Quick recap:

– Cut products

– Increase bids on profitable products

– Track your progress closely

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