4 Google Shopping Success Stories You Won't Believe

By Tinuiti Team

Although there are still many companies running rudimentary Shopping campaigns, more and more are understanding how important Google Shopping is to their business and their overall success with traffic generation in 2018.

Just take it from Ben Whitrock, Sr. Retail Search Manager at CPC Strategy who predicts in 2018, there will be a significant increase in competition on the SERP.

“There will be more digitally consumed ads then ever before and marketers will have to get more creative with staying ahead of the curve,” Whitrock said.

“If you were an advertiser 5 years ago you probably could see decent success online if you ran a pretty basic campaign/digital strategy.”

“But these days there is an influx of advertisers looking to target the exact same user that you are. This and ecommerce businesses feeling the pressure from Amazon means a larger amount of advertisers are also now willing to pay 2, 3, 10x as much for that placement as they would have 5 years ago.”

So, the real question is: How can brands / advertisers stay ahead in the new year and which strategies are proven to be successful?

4 Google Shopping Success Stories You Won’t Believe

In the following article, we highlight 4 Google Shopping success stories from our clients. Each success story focuses on at least one specific obstacle the brand / retailer was facing.

From acquiring new customers to improving overall revenue, we explain how our management team worked with each business to meet (and exceed) their goals.

Let’s dive in.

1. Objective: To Acquire New Customer Transactions


Solution: ISO Campaign Strategy

Result: REEF Increases New Customer Transactions from Google Shopping +425%

Summary: REEF was founded in 1984 by Fernando and Santiago Aguerre, entrepreneur brothers from South America with a love for surf, travel, adventure, and a passion to create a high-quality active lifestyle sandal. Now 30 years later, the company is the global surf lifestyle leader.

REEF joined CPC Strategy in February 2016 with the objective of acquiring new customers, increasing e-commerce revenue, and improving brand awareness. But before REEF partnered with CPC Strategy, their Google Shopping strategy was primarily focused on capturing branded traffic through their simple campaign structure.

There was no brand vs. non-brand nor device segmentation which prevented them from being able to dedicate budget to strategically acquire new customers at a measurable return.

Were able to significantly optimize REEF’s Google Shopping strategy by implementing our ISO™ campaign structure (as seen below), which allowed REEF to acquire new users at scale.


ISO campaigns™ leverage priority settings and negative keywords to isolate and allocate more aggressive bids and budget to certain high value searches. This advanced strategy gives advertisers more control over which search queries their products show up for. It also allows them to isolate and dedicate budget to search queries that historically convert well.

You can read REEF’s full case study here.

2. Objective: Improve Ecommerce Presence For Long-Time Brick & Mortar


Solution: Establish Sophisticated Google Shopping Campaign Strategy

Result: Invicta Stores Scales Total Sitewide Traffic 858.89%

Summary: Invicta Stores carries an exclusive line of watches for men and women. Founded in 1837 in Switzerland, Invicta is led by innovation and renowned for their brand quality. Their belief is that supremely crafted timepieces can be offered for modest sums, and Invicta Stores holds true to this objective today.

Invicta turned to CPC Strategy to improve their ecommerce presence & expand their customer reach. They knew in order to do so, they would need to establish advanced Google Shopping campaigns to increase product discoverability and drive conversions.

Previously, they were only running trademark campaign and remarketing campaigns, mixed with a few light text ad campaigns based on their most popular collection.

From there we integrated Google Shopping, which became a significant channel to expand Invicta’s reach and grow their user base.

You can read Invicta’s full interview here.

3. Objective: Improve Tracking Efforts for High Value Call-in Orders

Who: Air Compressor Services

Solution: Troubleshoot Call Tracking Capabilities

Result: Air Compressor Services Increases Google Shopping ROI +124.13%

Summary: Air Compressor Services is a leading provider of replacement air compressor parts, compressor oils, air filters, oil filters, separators, and other accessories. Their parts, accessories, & oil come from reliable air compressor manufacturers at a fraction of the cost.

Although Air Compressor Services had call tracking set up – it wasn’t integrated properly into their AdWords account. Because they operate as a B2B, call tracking is of the utmost importance – largely due to the fact that Air Compressor Services receives a lot of high value orders through the phone.

If retailers don’t take a closer look at call tracking data (or are not tracking it altogether) – they could miss out on significant opportunities to improve their marketing campaigns.

Retailers use call tracking software to figure out which ads are leading to phone calls / conversions. This in-depth tracking is ideal for monitoring organic, mobile, social, and AdWords campaigns.

“Shopping cart abandonment can often be seen as a lost sale, when actually the customer has chosen to pick up the phone,” Jonathan Moran, Global Demand Marketing Manager at Response Tap said.

“Shopping cart abandonment can also lead to some businesses thinking a particular channel is not working or the web content needs to be changed when actually it is performing quite well and making sales offline.”

BLOG POST: The Impact and Retail Challenges of Call Tracking

CPC Strategy worked with Air Compressor Services and their call tracking provider to ensure they were correctly importing data into their AdWords interface, for an accurate depiction of their advertising efforts.

You can read Air Compressor Services’ full interview here.

4. Objective: Increase Revenue on Google Shopping

Who: Cambria Bicycle Outfitter (CBO)

Solution: Establish Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns

Result: Cambria Bicycle Outfitter (CBO) Increases ROAS by +99.08% on Google Shopping

Summary: Cambria Bicycle Outfitter, a successful road and mountain bike retailer, joined CPC in March 2015 hoping to improve their Google Shopping infrastructure. After Cambria reached a peak in their ability to manage and optimize campaigns in-house, we worked directly with their team to integrate our advanced strategies to grow and elevate their ecommerce presence.

We increased revenue 116% thanks to dynamic remarketing and the creation of advanced trademark campaigns. Specifically for dynamic remarketing, we decided to target cart abandoners, product reviewers, past buyers and general visitors.

With messages tailored to Cambria’s audience, dynamic remarketing helped to build leads and sales by bringing previous visitors back to their site to make a purchase.

Ultimately, our efforts focused on Google Shopping gave Cambria the breathing room to explore and improve other aspects of their business including site design.

You can read Cambria Bicycle Outfitters’ full case study here.

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