Google's New Data Feed Rules: Images, Multi-Packs and Custom Products

By Tinuiti Team

Google data feed specifications, multipack, unique identifiersThis May, Google announced data feed specification updates for online merchants using Product Listing Ads.

If you are an online merchant selling on Google in the US, data feed updates were required on July 15th, but for all other countries merchants have until September 16th. Everyone should familiarize themselves with the new guidelines.

The new data feed requirements, include changes to product identifiers, sellers who have multipack items, product images, and family safe products. You can check out the new Google data feed specifications here.

You can also check out Google’s troubleshooting video below:


What You Should Know About Google’s New Data Feed Specifications:


– Manufacturer-defined multipack: Follow the Unique Product Identifier rules as described above. This multipack should be treated as a single item.
– Merchant-defined multipack: fFollow the Unique Product Identifier rules as described above for the individual base item in the multipack.

Product Bundles

– A manufacturer-defined bundle (e.g., a camera body with a lens): Follow the Unique Product Identifier rules as described above. This bundle should be treated as a single item.
– A merchant-defined bundle (e.g., a custom bundle of camera, lens, and case): Submit ‘identifier exists’ with a value of FALSE for these items and do not provide unique product identifiers, even if the bundle contains some individual items that have unique product identifiers.

If you’re not sure your data feed meets the requirements, you can test it here.

Learn More About Google’s Data Feed Update:

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Questions about getting your Google feed up to speed? Reach out in the comments!


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