PriceGrabber Bidding Tutorial [Video]

By Tinuiti Team

When it comes to comparison shopping management, if you’re not seeing the ideal results you want to achieve, it’s hard to know if your (hopefully daily) routine for bid management is the right way to go.

If you’ve been doing this for a while now, odds are that you really do have a nice quick routine in each CSE merchant login to check performance reports and make bid changes. If you have no clue about this stuff, then you need to get a routine if you’re going to be diligently managing your CSE campaigns.

Here’s a video that’s meant to let you in on my insight and thought process as a CPC Strategy Account Manager when I make bid changes in PriceGrabber. Enjoy!

Hopefully you found that to be helpful either by reaffirming what you already do or by giving you a place to start.

For more comparison shopping management insights like this, I highly recommend checking out our Shopping Feed Management Guide (below) coming out very soon.

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