SEM For Small Businesses

By Tinuiti Team

Here at Elite SEM, our focus is primarily on taking businesses and growing them. We don’t accept the status quo and are constantly looking for new opportunities to grow our clients’ businesses. This is how we have grown and how we’ve made a name for ourselves in the industry.

But we also understand that there are some businesses who can’t really afford to A) hire an agency to run their SEM and B) spend more than a set budget every month. There are hundreds of thousands of these businesses out there, so I thought it would be great to share some tips I have learned while managing some myself.

Outside of Elite, I manage a small AdWords account for my mom, who is the owner and founder of Communication Imaging. Communication Imaging is a comprehensive speech and language practice based just outside of Philadelphia, focused mainly on children, across various types of speech disorders. While my mom has a very small budget, usually within $300-$500 per month, we have found great success in growing her business in the past 2-3 years since we started advertising.

For small businesses with limited budgets, it’s important to focus on what, where and when you know performs best in order to spend most efficiently.

Here are some tips that we’ve implemented over the years to help keep her media spend efficient and keep her account (and business) profitable!

These tips should give you a solid foundation for starting and running a small business SEM account. This will allow you to run efficiently and effectively given a small budget. And it might even allow you to grow beyond that budget!

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