Performance Influencer Marketing

As a full-service, data-driven performance marketing firm, we set the standard for full-service omnichannel Influencer Marketing.

Where Influence Meets Performance

Call it cross-pollination. Tinuiti’s full-funnel abilities drive ROI with scalable Influencer Marketing campaigns distributed across channels beyond just Social. The result? Overall brand lift at the top of the funnel that makes its way all the way down to the bottom to drive conversions.

(Not-so-exclusive) Measurement

Go Beyond Vanity Metrics

Influencers are so influential because they are genuine storytellers who emotionally connect with, and are trusted by, their audiences. But that doesn’t mean the art of Influencer Marketing can’t also be a science. As quantitative, tech-driven, data scientists who truly get Influencer, Tinuiti brings precise measurement to bear on your Influencer campaigns—in other words, exactly the type of analytics that has typically been so elusive for brands looking to gauge the results of their Influencer investments.

A Full-Funnel Approach

Filling the Bottom-Funnel Void

Influencer Marketing has primarily been used only for upper-funnel tactics like awareness, brand lift, and reach. That has left a huge void in the industry with no one bridging the gap between Influencer and bottom-funnel tactics. That’s why Tinuiti offers a full-funnel solution to Influencer Marketing designed to deliver meaningful and measurable ROI for our brand partners. Unlike most agencies, our focus is on full-funnel strategy, content distribution, and conversion measurement so we can also drive results at the bottom of the funnel.
Performance Beyond The Post

Influencer in Surround Sound

Tinuiti takes a 360-degree approach to crafting your brand’s Influencer Marketing strategy in order to drive sales by leveraging other distribution channels. Because we are a full-service firm with experts in cross-channel strategy across a multitude of digital platforms beyond just TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, we are uniquely positioned to take your Influencer campaign from the littlest screens to the biggest. We handle multi-channel distribution plans beyond the post, pushing out your Influencer campaign into Paid Social, OTT, Programmatic, websites, and more. Creating a surround-sound experience through Influencers, you can build trust, brand loyalty, awareness, and ultimately conversions for your brand.
Finding the right influencer

Building Meaningful Relationships

We forgo one-and-done engagements with Influencers in favor of building trust and rapport between brands and audiences. It’s our job to find you the right Brand Ambassadors across the ecosystem, who have the right audience, who create the right content, and then distribute that content strategically through owned and paid channels. Tinuiti has a team of highly trained Influencer experts who excel in building a data-driven strategy to activate against the proper group of Influencers based on your KPIs. We review timelines and research backgrounds to vet Influencers against brand safety guidelines, competitive separation, and brand fit.

From Micro to Nano (and beyond)

Talent, Industry & Platform Agnostic

Tinuiti is talent agnostic. That means we work across the full spectrum from micro- to nano- Influencers to top-tier celebrities. We are also agnostic across verticals ranging from beauty to fitness, to sports to non-profits. We start with Influencer relationships and content development, but we don’t stop there. Next comes strategic amplification and ongoing optimization. We’re also platform agnostic. That means your campaigns can live across a multitude of diverse platforms beyond Social. This way we’re not reliant on individual platforms to source Influencers and execute, nor are we constrained by a platform’s capabilities.

Our Influencer Marketing Services


Performance Influencer

Influencer content plus distribution plan for maximum reach and impact


Affiliate Division

Handling Influencer relations and content distribution


Content Creation

Working with Influencers as content creators and optimizers


Sponsored Content

Leveraging publications and outlets for your brand’s Influencer content



Growing brands through Amazon attribution and social commerce


Earned Influencer

Activating Influencers by putting your product in their hands

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