Strategies & Programs for Amazon Vendors

For many brands, the relationship with Amazon is purely transactional – PO’s predictably come and go like clockwork.

Yet few brands approach Amazon as the huge growth opportunity that it is by taking more control over sales performance and investing in the right marketing programs.

Pitch your questions to our two Amazon experts – Pat Petriello, Former member of the Amazon Seller Services Team & Carina McLeod, former Head of Amazon Vendor Management and tune in on Wednesday, June 22 at 11am PST for a follow up of responses.



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Suggested Question Ideas:

    • Which Vendor Premium Services should we be investing in?
    • How do I control more of our branding on Amazon?
    • How do I optimize product ads with Amazon Marketing Services?
    • How to make sense & measure ROI with the vendor reports?
    • What’s product content got to do with conversion rate?


Maximizing Your Vendor Relationship with Amazon



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