20 Things NOT to Buy on Amazon for Back to School

By Tinuiti Team

Back to school shopping is in full swing for stores like Walmart, Staples, and Target. While parents are busily shopping sales at brick and mortar locations, those same stores are featuring online sales, alongside major online retailers including Amazon.

Which back to school products are cheaper to buy online, and which are worth the visit to the store?

Back toschool prices on Amazon, Walmart

Back to School Items on Amazon, Target, Walmart and Staples

Take a look at some of the major Back to School items from compared to prices in-store at Target, Walmart and Staples.


Crayola Classic Markets, Broad Line 10ct

[ws_table id=”122″]


Elmer’s Washable All-Purpose Glue Stick,.24 oz, 2 Pack

[ws_table id=”123″]


Mead Marble Notebook, 100 Sheet

[ws_table id=”125″]


Crayola Colored Pencils, 12 Ct

[ws_table id=”124″]


Wilson Binder, 1 Inch

[ws_table id=”126″]


Below is a breakdown of comparable Back to School products prices for popular items across major stores and

[ws_table id=”111″]

*Amazon Add on Item– Requires $25 purchase to ship. If you plan on purchasing back to school items on Amazon, note that many products below $15 are ‘Add on Items’, which can only be shipped as part of a $25 or more total purchase.

Online vs. Offline Back to School Shopping

Despite Amazon’s low price reputation, the majority of back to school items are cheaper to purchase offline. From an online shipping cost standpoint- that’s pretty cheap. Especially when you note stores like staples can add roughly $10 in shipping for items like highlighters.

Why Shop Back To School Online?

Although online shopping may cost more than stores like Staples, online shopping offers perks such as delivery (you don’t need to leave your house), a wider selection than brick and mortar stores, and sales which fluctuate.

Bottom line it’s cheaper to purchase your back to school supplies in store, but if you choose to purchase them online to save time and transportation grief, you are better off purchasing all of your back to school items at once.

Keep in mind many stores like Walmart sell the same items in store and online. Often stores will feature cheaper prices online, and more diverse selection. You can purchase items which online from Walmart, and have them shipped to a specific store.

Use the visual below to help determine where to buy your back to school items this year:

 Back to school ecommerce

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