Mobile shopping grew 24% last year, with a  16% increase in mobile sales. This year, mobile is an even more important element for online shoppers. Check out mobile traffic and revenue statistics below.

Big Trends For 2013 Mobile Performance

  • Mobile Traffic Increased: This Q4 shopping weekend mobile traffic accounted for 29.33% of overall traffic for our online retailers
  • Mobile Revenue Increased: And 17.08% of overall revenue
  • Mobile Traffic Converts Lower than Tablets: Mobile Traffic converts at 2.78% (vs. tablet at 2.16%)

Mobile traffic and revenue 2013 study

Mobile is a driving force in ecommerce, and stands to be an increasingly important factor for online sales moving into 2014. With that in mind, retailers should make sure their site mobile experience is fluid for shoppers.

Make More on Mobile for 2014

Here are some quick tips to get you on the road for higher mobile conversions following the new year.

  • Optimize mobile bids on Google Shopping for a better cost of sale
  • Consider creating an app
  • Know your mobile customer persona, and market to that person
  • Beef up on best practices for mobile marketing
  • Ensure you site has a responsive mobile web design
  • Make sure you mobile campaigns and site allow social sharing


How can I increase mobile conversions?



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