Which Ecommerce Tools Are Best For You?

By Tinuiti Team

Ecommerce is a challenging and diverse area for online marketers to navigate. Your business and organizational needs are different than other online business owners, as are your daily routines and productivity.

Take this quiz to find out what type of ecommerce tools best fit you, then use them to improve your daily efficiency and boost sales.

1. What is the first thing you do when you get in the office in the morning?

A. I don’t know, who does the same thing every morning?!

B. Decide which tasks I need to complete today, I’ve got to organize!

C. Have a cup of coffee, I have a ton of things to do, and I’m still tired from yesterday!

D. Check my Facebook and say hi to everyone in the office!


2. What program do you spend the most time on daily?

A. Email, I feel like I spend my whole day answering emails!

B. Task manager program, I need to nail down project details!

C.  One program? Who has time to be on one program?

D. Facebook and Twitter, I need to stay on the pulse of the market!


3. Do you listen to music while you work?

A. Sure, I listen to different music all day!

B. Yes, it helps me focus on my work.

C. No, I don’t have the time to waste on distractions like music!

D. Absolutely, I love to share my favorite songs and see what others are listening to!


Mostly A’s          Mostly B’s          Mostly C’s          Mostly D’s


Mostly A’s: You need organizational online business tools.


You are an business owner who wears many hats.

You have a lot to do, and you need ecommerce tools which will help you schedule and organize all of the things you need to do.

Organizational Online Business Tools: Email

Boomerang– Boomerang is a free Gmail tool which allows you to schedule emails to be sent to yourself or others at a later time.

Want a quick tour of Boomerang?

Gmail Labels– Using labels in Gmail can be immensely helpful to organize emails related to tasks, people and projects.

Don’t know how to create a Gmail label?

TaskForce– Make emails tasks to help organize your inbox and your task list.

Find Big Mail Out of space in your email inbox? Use Find Big Mail to remove large items and give yourself some wiggle room.

Organizational Online Business Tools: Tasks

Gmail tasks– Google tasks is a really user intuitive task program that works with your gmail inbox, Google calendar and is even mobile adaptable. Create and complete tasks, and assign tasks easily.

How do I create tasks using Gmail tasks?

Organizational Online Business Tools: Blogging

WordPress– WordPress and I have a love/hate relationship. Its a great program for organizing and scheduling blog content, but you will do well to learn a little HTML if you are using this tool.

Here’s a great place to get started with WordPress.

Workflowy– Workflowy is basically a glorified task list, but its a great way to organize and update your tasks.

Organizational Online Business Tools: Video

Wistia Wistia is a video integration tool which allows you to easily customize and embed videos, and works well with WordPress.

Other Organizational Online Business Tools

Pandora– Pandora is a online radio station, which lets you customize music choices based on songs and artists you like. If your schedule is crazy, you can just set the radio to play and create a nice background while you work to help you focus.

Pocket– Getting out of hand with bookmarking pages you want to save for later? Try using pocket to save pages, or articles you want to read later.

Mostly B’s: You need inspirational online business tools.


Inspirational Online Business Tools: Email

Wisestamp– If you have some free time and want to brush up your signature, WiseStamp is the program for you.

ActiveInbox– If you want to play around with task managment within email, you may want to try ActiveInbox, which works to manage your inbox by prioritizing email importance.

Inspirational Online Business Tools: Tasks

Multimon Want a taskbar for multiple monitors? Ifyou run multiple monitors, this program is awesome.

Trello-You are already organized, but you’ve got multiple programs for different projects. Unify with Trello.

Inspirational Online Business Tools: Blogging

Sublime text editor – If you know anything about coding, sublime text editor is a great free coding editor.

Inspirational Online Business Tools: Video

MetaCafe– Find great videos from an archive of viewed and rated videos.

Other Inspirational Online Business Tools

Spotify– Spotify is very similar to Pandora, but has more flexibility in terms of being able to find specific artists and songs, and makes it easier to curate personal music lists.

StumbleUpon-Find interesting online content based on what you are interested in.

Mostly C’s: You need time managment online business tools.


Time Saving Online Business Tools: Email


For Gmail– Don’t have time to send email? How about sending an email from your chrome address bar? OmniMail lets you open new emails using your omnibox.

ToutApp– If you are a marketer, or work with leads, ToutApp is for you. It lets you look at the interaction customers have with your emails, with tracking metrics right in Gmail.

Time Saving Online Business Tools: Tasks

Google Drive Google drive is amazing, definitely one of those programs I use every day. You can use drive to create, store and share documents and manage projects.

Get started with Google Drive.

GoodToDo– Create to do lists based on your most pressing issues.

Time Saving Online Business Tools: Blogging

PhotoFilter (PC)- PhotoFiler is a  great free photoshop sytle media editor. If you are a Mac use, try Sketchobook Express.

Time Saving Online Business Tools: Video

TestTube– Find developer tools to edit Youtube videos.

Other Time Saving Online Business Tools

Evernote– Evernote is a note taking program which allows you to organize and share information.

Lastpass– Lastpass is one of my all time favorite programs. If you use multiple programs, this is a great way to store and access, and quickly use passwords.

Mostly D’s: You need online business tools which work well with social sharing.

Social Online Business Tools: Email

Better Gmail– Is your email crowded? Get rid of features within Gmail that you dont’ use with Better Gmail. You may also want to check out Minimalist For Everything.

Awayfind– Away from your computer or out of the office at conferences? Let Awayfind send you alerts for important emails.

Smartr– Got a lot of email contacts? Organize and find people on email with Smartr. You may also want to try Rapportive.

Social Online Business Tools: Tasks

Google Chrome Profiles– Chrome profiles changed my life. If you need to to access multiple logins or emails, unique chrome profiles for each will change your world. This is also really convenient for separating personal email and work.

How to create more than one user on Chrome. Set little reminders and organize tasks across email, mobile (iphone) and share with friends.

Basecamp– Organize large projects with multiple people using Basecamp. Project updates are emailed to people on the project.

Gmail Calendar Please be using Gmail calendar if you are using Gmail. This program will help you organize your events, meetings and coordinate with your co-workers.

Social Online Business Tools: Blogging

Snipping tool–  Share parts of your screen, screenshots and online images with Snipping Tool. I use this program at least twice a day.

Social Online Business Tools: Video

Youtube– If you want to reach a large audience, and have some umph on Google, youtube is where you want to be with your videos.

Get started with Youtube.

Other Social Online Business Tools

Buffer– Share your content, or others through Twitter, Facebook,  LindeIn and, now and at key sharing times. You may also want to check out Hootsuite.

TheOldReader– Need a replacement for Google reader? The Old Reader is a great place to curate and browse content from different blogs.

Here are some tools Seth Godin Uses:

Typepad hosts this blog [Seth’s Blog], and always has. People ask me why I don’t switch, and my simple answer: it’s not broken. I like having a service I can pay for, because when you buy something, you’re the customer, not the product. is a smart, fast, private search engine with a silly name. What more could you hope for in a search engine?

compfight is a secret weapon in the search for useful cc-licensed photos. Don’t forget to donate if you use it.”

What other tools should we add to the list?

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