Service Provider Spotlight: Lightning Buy

By Tinuiti Team

Single Click Mobile Checkout With LightningBuy

At CPC, we’re hungry. Hungry for bacon yes, but even more we’re hungry for knowledge. We’re always learning about new ways to market online, and the best places and ways to sell products.

Recently, we had the opportunity to learn about the Mobile Commerce Platform LightningBuy from CEO and Founder Carissa Ganelli. Below are her responses to give you a better idea of what LighningBuy is all about.

1. What do you do and who exactly do you help?

LightningBuy is a single click mobile checkout that can help Brown reduce shopping cart abandonment and convert mobile traffic. LightningBuy turns any marketing campaign (email, paid search, Facebook, display ads, Pinterest, etc., into a sales opportunity with just one line of code. There’s no dev work for merchants to do. And, consumers don’t need to create an account, register in advance, or download an app to purchase with just a single click. LightningBuy is not an app, mobile wallet, or related to NFC.

For an idea of how LighningBuy works, check out the screenshot below to the left:

2. What does the integration process look like?

Step 1: Merchant sends LightningBuy their product feed (via API, JSON, HTML, Google, etc.)
Step 2: LightningBuy builds the merchant’s custom solution and generates product links for merchant
Step 3: There is no Step 3. Merchant takes the LightningBuy links and embeds them in any/all mobile campaigns to driver higher conversions and reduce cart abandonment.

4. Do you have any case studies you can share on your results with retailers?

We’re seeing some amazing results from our clients: LightningBuy conversion is double that of desktop/laptop conversion when we’d expect it to be half based on industry stats. That’s a 4X improvement. For, LightningBuy is driving conversion rates that range from 8-14%!

5. Any additional information retailers should know about your product and/or service?

The recent changes that Google has made to PPC campaigns with their Enhanced Campaigns and the impending changes to SEO rankings based on how well an advertiser is executing on mobile mean that advertisers need to think mobile first or their PPC budgets will be wasted. LightningBuy can ensure that any advertiser gets the biggest bang for their PPC buck by converting directly from search ads and organic listings.

More information on LightningBuy is available at

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