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By Tinuiti Team

Shopify Platform Review


If you’re interested in creating or transferring your online store, this unbiased Shopify review will help you learn the fundamentals as well as your fit with the ecommerce platform.*

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Shopify Review: What kind of Merchant Should Use the Shopify Platform?

Founded in 2004, Shopify is the leader in the wave of progressive, modernized ecommerce software for business owners. It currently powers over 70,000 ecommerce stores.  Although it’s a favorite for a large range of business sizes, Shopify is best suited for smaller retail businesses because of its simplicity and ease of use. However, that’s not to say that Shopify, especially its Enterprise solution, isn’t a popular choice for huge businesses like Gatorade and Tesla Motors.

For retailers looking to create a complex and highly sophisticated online store, there exists better options (like Magento Community). The hosted ecommerce platform is a favorite for many design-oriented business owners, and its aesthetics along with its user-friendliness are its strongsuits. [ws_table id=”30″]

Check out which of the 4 Shopify pricing plans works best for you.

These rates are typically slightly less expensive than big names like Volusion or Bigcommerce.

When comparing ecommerce platforms, it’s clear that Shopify is ideal for small to medium sized businesses in terms of ease of use, yet it also offers one of the cheapest unlimited plans for retailers with a lot of SKUs.


Shopify Review: Good Shopify Features [ws_table id=”31″]

Shopify Review: Bad Shopify Features [ws_table id=”32″]

You can view all of Shopify’s features here.

Shopify Review: Submit Your Product Data Feed from Shopify to Google Shopping

Shopify website integration with Google Shopping?  Shopify actually offers a free Google Shopping app (still in BETA) that’s supposed allow for the seamless integration of your site with the Google Shopping CSE.  Feel free to comment below if you have any feedback on it.  The Shopify App Store also offers several 3rd party Google Shopping integration apps.

PRO TIP:  Bias or no bias, I highly recommend NOT handing over your Google Shopping campaign to an app.  A full-time management solution will ensure a much higher quality experience and target your specific ROI goals.  Google Shopping is too significant of a marketing campaign to not go all out for it.

Shopify Review: Notable Shopify Examples

SMS Audio by 50 Cent (Electronics)

Noon Copenhagen (Watches)

Zero Gravity (Electronics accessories)

Shopify Review: Bottom Line

A Shopify store is going to be aesthetically very pleasing, rich with relevant features, and best of all, amazingly easy to create. Shopify is hands-down the most user-friendly premium ecommerce platform, but is not ideal for large businesses with massive inventories.

Shopify offers an aesthetically beautiful and extremely easy to use experience for small-medium size businesses.

Shopify Ecommerce Platform Comparison Grade: A

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*Note: Grades are subjectively based on analysis and comparison to other ecommerce platforms, based on availability, significance, and functionality of the platform feature and overall value.

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