TED Talk Tuesday: What Movember Can Teach You About Taking Risks

By Tinuiti Team

One of the great human feats in the last decade has been the reestablishment of the moustache. You may have recently noticed some of your coworkers with progressively enlarging moustaches, and that would be thanks to Adam Garone’s charitable, bold, and courageous movement to start Movember.

Garone’s struggle to legitimatize and grow Movember’s cause for prostate cancer research is applicable to the struggles of any young start-up out there.

Key takeaways at the bottom.

Adam Garone: Healthier Men, One Moustache at a Time

Key Takeaways:

Where there’s a niche, there’s a way. Garone quit his job to devote his life to essentially a global moustache-growing movement (to the tune of $126 million raised for research in 2011).

As outlined in his talk, by adopting persistence and patience on his road to forming strategic partnerships and gaining global awareness, Garone made his unique and somewhat outlandish cause stand for something greater, which is why it was appealing to the masses.  If you don’t understand this concept, watch Simon Sinek’s talk on the power of Why.

At the end of the day, it’s worth the risk if your cause is transcendent above surface-level impressions. (this is basically the essence of good marketing)

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