Top Email Marketing Services: GetResponse Review

By Tinuiti Team

GetResponse Email Marketing Service Review


Which email marketing service is right for you?

We evaluated GetResponse,  a premium level email marketing service to help you make informed decisions about email marketing services, and which ones are right for your online store.

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GetResponse At First Glance

Compared to most email marketing services, GetResponse utilizes an easy to navigate interface.  GetResponse also offers the flexibility to capture leads in any industry, allowing users to create email newsletters with custom landing pages for a well rounded marketing system. Additionally, GetResponse offers a simple set up that can have you sending emails in a matter of minutes.

Who’s Best Suited for GetResponse?

GetResponse works best for small to medium businesses, however, GetResponse offers the scalability to grow with your business. Unlike other services, such as iContact and Constant Contact, GetResponse has the capability to manage large subscriber lists.

GetResponse also works well for internet marketers. Unlike other email marketing services that do not endorse network marketers, GetResponse’s systems work with internet marketers to provide them with an ideal set of features for their business needs.

GetResponse Pricing

top-email-marketing-service-getresponse-pricingGetResponse offers free trial if you are hesitant about signing up.  Note: The trial is limited to transferring 250 contacts unless you commit to signing up.  If you are anticipating having less than 2500 subscribers, there are freemium options such as MailChimp that should be considered.

GetResponse’s pricing is dependent on your subscriber list. GetResponse charges $25 for 2,500 subscribers and $65 for 10,000 subscribers with an annual discount. Premium pricing also comes with a premium service provider that includes additional features.

GetResponse Features & Usability

To give you a full idea of what GetResponse offers, we’ve broken it down into 7 categories:

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Notable GetResponse Users

Want to get a feel for different businesses using GetResponse? Here are a few small business owners who use GetResponse for their email marketing.


GetResponse Review: Bottom Line

GetResponse blends email marketing with social media and tracking software to make their offering one step below contact management software. GetResponse falls short on high level integration with other software and its short trial period limits testing.

We have compared 9 of the most popular email marketing services and graded them on pricing, functionality, and usability. Check out the individual reviews for more in-depth information about each services.

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