Top Email Marketing Services: MailChimp Review

By Tinuiti Team

MailChimp Email Marketing Service Review

We evaluated MailChimp, a freemium email marketing service to help you make informed decisions about email marketing services, and which one is right for your online store.

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MailChimp At First Glance

MailChimp started in 2001 with a traditional email marketing service. In 2009, they moved to using a freemium model to promote their service. With this free model, MailChimp made a name for themselves as one of the premier email marketing services in the industry.

Most companies assume that MailChimp’s freemium model makes it a useful tool for new businesses alone. However, a surprisingly large percentage of MailChimp users have larger email lists. One year after  launch 20% of MailChimp ‘s users had lists with over 10,000 subscribers, compared to only 12% of users just 5 months earlier.

Who’s Best Suited for MailChimp?

MailChimp is best suited for  small business owners who need email marketing on a budget  or  larger list owners who leverage  MailChimp tracking and analytics.

Note: If you run a network marketing, affiliate, or internet marketing business MailChimp will ban your account. Erring on the side of caution, MailChimp does not differentiate between legitimate associate marketing and illegal activities.

MailChimp Pricing

For many businesses, MailChimp’s largest draw is pricing. MailChimp is free for small business owners with less than 2500 subscribers and who send less than 12,000 cumulative emails per month.

Once businesses mature from MailChimp’s free service, its paid services is comparable to other email marketing services.

Note: MailChimp’s paid options generally have no discount.

MailChimp Features & Usability

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Notable MailChimp Users

Want to get a feel for different businesses using MailChimp? Here are a few small business owners who use MailChimp for their email marketing.


Bottom Line

MailChimp is an email marketing service for companies looking to increase their brand awareness, and track their email marketing campaigns. The scalability of MailChimp means that most small businesses can grow their email campaigns with MailChimp as they scale.

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