Top Influencer Marketing Tools in 2020

By Tinuiti Team

Influencer marketing is a proven marketing strategy that is increasing in popularity and effectiveness. According to surveys, 67% of marketing and communications professionals are already engaging with influencers for content promotion, and 63% intend to increase their influencer marketing budget over the next year. 

Why You Need Influencer Marketing Tools

A portion of this budget should go into a software platform to help you start and manage the influencer relationship. There are tools that can match you to the right freelancer, keep track of your collaborations, manage contracts, and measure the ROI of your partnership
But it will take you hours–if not days–to sift through all of the influencer marketing tool reviews and come up with a shortlist. And it’ll take even longer to try out each entry in your shortlist and see which influencer marketing tools ranked the highest. 

8 Top Influencer Marketing Tools

We’ve assembled this list of the latest top influencer marketing tools so you can decide based on the most relevant, up-to-date product information. Let’s get to it!

1. AspireIQ

Function: AspireIQ is a full-service influencer marketing platform that helps marketers manage every aspect of the relationship. Some of the most valuable capabilities include:


In addition to the software, AspireIQ also allows customers to leverage managed services, creative production and customer success teams. 

Cost: Available in three tiers: Basic, Pro and Enterprise. Pricing available upon request. 

Best for: Based on the variety and depth of the features available, AspireIQ is suitable for businesses of all sizes, from SMB to to agency to enterprise. The only differentiating factor is what pricing tier you opt for. 

2. FamePick

Function: At its core, FamePick is basically a live database of influencers and creators. Each creator signs up and creates their own profile, which brands can sort, filter and search. FamePick also provides marketers with an AI-driven matchmaking tool to help speed up the vetting process. 

Cost: $199 per list

Best for: FamePick’s narrow focus on list-building makes it ideal for brands and agencies who need to find new or niche influencers. Their extensive database of active creators means FamePick could grant access to influencers that are difficult to contact through other channels. 

3. BuzzSumo

Function: BuzzSumo take a unique approach to influencer marketing by prioritizing the content first. In addition to the standard influencer search, you can plug in a keyword and discover who the most prominent influencers are on that particular topic. BuzzSumo also has metrics and reporting, and an open API to connect to other web apps. 

Cost: Available in four tiers:


Best for: BuzzSumo is ideal for brands and marketers who prioritize quality of content over quantity. Ideal for finding the key influencers in very niche communities. 

4. Klear

Function: Klear is an all-in-one influencer management platform that helps you find, manage and measure influencers and their campaigns. Klear has developed its own algorithm-based “Klear Influencer Score” to help you determine which potential partner has the most influence. Klear also comes with its own in-built CRM. 

Cost: Available upon request

Best for: Klear is most suited for global brands and agencies that are looking for a single tool to build, scale, manage and track their influencer programs. They have an especially strong focus on Instagram and YouTube and have in-house “experts,” so brands that use these channels may be able to benefit from their experience. 


Function: is an influencer marketing platform with a very tight focus on the e-commerce industry. The platform integrates with online retail platforms like Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce so that you can easily track the dollar value of your influencer marketing campaigns. 

Cost: $25,000/year

Best for: Ideal for e-commerce or direct-to-consumer brands who use influencers to promote products. 

6. BrandSnob

Function: BrandSnob is a streamlined influencer marketing platform that focuses entirely on Instagram. Brands are given the choice of three campaign types, ranging from quick, one-time Instagram stories to long-term campaigns. Brands also have the option of allowing BrandSnob to select influencers on their behalf based on the campaign requirements. 

Cost: $185/mo

Best for: BrandSnob is most suitable for brands in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle space with a strong Instagram presence. 


Function: HYPR is an comprehensive, end-to-end influencer marketing platform with a massive database of over 12 million influencers. The platform is highly data-driven, with metrics on influencer influence statistics, audience overlap, campaign KPIs, and rich audience demographic data from over 30,000 categories. Voted Best Influencer Marketing Platform 2019 by Digiday. 

Cost: Available upon request

Best for: Enterprise brands with dedicated influencer marketing teams and high-budget campaigns will be able to make the most use of HYPR’s extensive feature set and comprehensive metrics. 

8. NeoReach

Function: NeoReach is an all-in-one influencer marketing platform that also provides influencer marketing agency services. This is the same platform that TikTok used to become a breakout social media sensation. The platform itself is feature-rich and can connect to other SaaS applications using its open API. 

Cost: Available upon request

Best for: Brands that are still in a growth stage can take advantage of NeoReach’s agency services and create influencer campaigns that use their experience and direction. In the meantime, enterprise brands can still use the comprehensive marketing platform to manage their own already-established influencer marketing programs. 


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