Elite SEM Adds its Fifth Member to Teach at NYU!

By Tinuiti Team

We are very pleased to announce that Jesse Eisenberg, a Senior Account Executive at Elite SEM, is now the fifth member of the Elite SEM team to teach at New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies.  Elite SEM has a great relationship with NYU-SCPS, and we are delighted about partnering with NYU.

Ben Kirshner, Founder and CEO of Elite SEM, helped to start the class at NYU in 2006.  The roster of Elite SEM employees are staff members that have taught SEM/SEO at NYU includes Marc Weisinger (Director of Marketing), Zach Ciperski (Director of SEO), Zach Morrison (Vice President & Director of SEM), and now Jesse as well.  Jesse says, “I have always enjoyed helping others learn.  Growing up, I thought I could make a great teacher one day, but I knew I would end up going down a different path.  To be given the opportunity to teach part-time at one of the nation’s finest, most well-known universities is both an honor and a privilege.”

Course Content

The class Jesse will be teaching is Strategic Search Engine Marketing, and focuses on SEM campaign planning and execution.  Students are taught just exactly what paid search is, its history, and many other key campaign types from display to remarketing that can all be managed from your AdWords account.  Additionally, course objectives include learning how to develop, execute, and optimize an SEM campaign, as well as how to measure its success.  All classes include real life search campaigns with real budgets and real advertisers.  At the end of each semester students are encouraged to take the Google AdWords Certification Exam for extra credit.

This course is suggested for students who want to learn about search engine marketing, as well as for marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, sales executives, and account managers who are looking to increase their knowledge base and gain practical experience in SEM.  The class is also a requirement for those looking to obtain NYU Digital Media Marketing Certification.

If you’re interested in the online marketing class that Elite SEM has been helping to teach, you can find it here (Strategic Search Engine Marketing NYU).

If you’re interested in finding out more about NYU’s School of Continuing and Professional Service, there is a lot of useful information on the NYU SCPS official website.

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