We just recently posted an “Elite Thinks” article, (Elite Thinks – Enhanced Adwords Campaigns) with some opinions of what we think the impact of Google officially announcing the launch of enhanced Adwords campaigns will be.

We wanted to follow up that post with a more factual blog post mentioning what we actually know right now in terms of the facts of what is changing.  Please see below for our comprehensive list of what we know today and feel free to download Google’s official PDF about upgrading to enhanced campaigns in their resource center to review the materials for yourself.

The Facts so Far – Enhanced Adwords Campaigns

  • Tablet and Desktop campaigns will be lumped into one enhanced campaign with no bid modifier or budget levers between them
    • You will still be able to report by device type to see how much you’re spending on traffic by device type and how that traffic is converting
  • You will not be obligated to switch to enhanced Adwords campaigns until June for Search
  • Extensions will now be able to be added at the ad group level
    • Upgraded Site links, Call, Offer, and App Extensions
  • Extensions can be scheduled now by time of day
    • Ex: Call extensions can be scheduled for the times your call center is open and switched to site links when it is not.
  • Extensions can be copied at the campaign or group level
  • There will be more specific extension reporting and metrics
  • Mobile Bid multipliers: -100% (opting out of mobile) is the low end of the scale for mobile bids and 300% is the high end of the scale of mobile bids
  • Bid modifiers are made ONLY at the campaign level
  • Users will be able to create and label ads as “Mobile preferred” in the same groups as normal ads.
    • These ads can have a different destination url, ad copy, and call to action
    • Google will choose the appropriate ad from your group based on the device the search is actually occurring on.
  • These new campaigns will lead to some form of cross-device tracking but more details to come on how exactly that will work and look.
    • Initial reports are that users must be logged into a Google account across all devices and advertising touch points.


Interested in knowing our opinions on the latest changes?  Check out our Elite Thinks – Enhanced Adwords Campaign article for opinions from our SEM experts.

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