What Is the Facebook Creative Shop?

By Tinuiti Team

The Facebook Creative Shop helps major brands — think Ford, Toyota, Sprint, and Budweiser — as well as agencies — Droga5, 360i, and R/GA — develop Facebook and Instagram-specific content. 

What is the Facebook Creative Shop?

The Facebook Creative Shop is Facebook’s in-house creative strategy team. Started in 2011, the Creative Shop is made up of over 150 creative strategists in Facebook offices around the world.

These strategists collaborate with businesses, marketers, and agencies to make the most of Facebook and Instagram advertising — especially on mobile.

Facebook’s Creative Shop isn’t just for the major players, though; they also offer tools for small businesses to learn how to create beautiful, effective Facebook and Instagram ads. The tools and tutorials for small businesses include:

Curated by Facebook: A library of creative case studies on “the creative people, brands, and ideas shaping digital culture.” Advertisers can also submit their own creative work to be added to Curated by Facebook.

Top-performing ads for inspiration: The Creative Shop showcases top-performing ads, determined 2 ways: “an algorithm that accounts for various factors like engagement, return on investment and creative best practices” or hand-selected by the Facebook Creative Shop team. These ads span Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and the Audience Network. For more specific inspiration, users can sort top-performing ads based on vertical. 

Facebook Ads Guide: Facebook’s Ads Guide makes it easy to find the format, placement, specs, and requirements for different types of ads across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger. Businesses can refer to the guide for information on ad formats, placements, dimensions, file sizes, character limits, and more. 

Facebook Mobile Studio: The Mobile Studio offers business resources and tips for making great mobile ads from their phones. Content includes easy-to-follow video guides, a downloadable planning brief, and app recommendations. Facebook continues to emphasize mobile as the main focus of ads, both on Facebook and on Instagram. 

Creative Platform Partners: For businesses who want to partner with a professional, Facebook’s Creative Platform Partners are creatives who specialize in a specific ad format. These partners are vetted by Facebook and let businesses create mobile-optimized creative at scale.



What are the benefits of partnering with the Facebook Creative Shop?

The Creative Shop lets brands of all sizes develop platform-specific ads that leverage Facebook more effectively. Facebook has 2.5 billion active monthly users — so the shop’s creative strategists have access to comprehensive consumer data that can inform ad creative, format, and placement. This data lets businesses and agencies better understand Facebook users (and their potential customers!) and build their campaigns accordingly.

Facebook does not make money off of its Creative Shop; they don’t charge for their consulting services. Businesses and agencies do buy ads, though. When SMBs learn how to make effective mobile content and video ads through the Facebook Creative Shop, they’re more likely to spend more to promote that content. After all, if you’re more confident in your creative, you’re more likely to pay to promote it so that it reaches more of your target audience. 

What’s next for the Facebook Creative Shop? 

According to Rapha Vasconcellos, the head of Facebook’s Creative Shop, he has big plans for 2020. He plans to focus on more interactive ad formats, like gaming and augmented reality (AR) — but first and foremost, he wants to continue to bring an experimentative spirit to his team’s work:

“We have this concept of intentional experimentation. We try to solve problems for the advertisers in ways that are new, and we may not necessarily know what will happen but the journey itself will bring new learnings… When you add interactivity to stories that becomes a canvas and become more interactive. We’re just exploring that as a canvas for us.”

As Facebook’s Creative Shop continues to grow, more and more agencies are sure to partner with the media giant to make the most of the platform for their clients — and SMBs will continue to leverage the free tools and resources to produce effective, platform-specific creative across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and the Audience Network.

Tinuiti is currently working with Facebook’s Creative Shop resources, drop us a line to learn more!

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