Instagram Announces Business Profiles

By Tinuiti Team

Instagram can almost be considered a paradise for digital marketing agencies. For brands specializing in food service to fitness products, Instagram is a resourceful option for spreading awareness, converting followers to paying customers, and growing their financial opportunities. The viral capabilities it offers businesses allow them to maximize their consumer reach unlike other social networks. Fortunately, things are going to get better as Instagram increases its market research and promotion capacities.

Business Profiles Create Better Connections

Instagram’s new business profiles are meant to increase the visibility and availability of brands. Businesses will have a wider set of options for allowing customers to contact them. They can choose to have customers call, text, or email them by simply tapping the contact button on their profiles. Customers will also be able to retrieve directions to businesses. Providing a specific business address will allow Instagram to improve brand categorization. This leads to pertinent search queries and ad targeting choices.

Therefore, these business profiles also provide better insights as well as the ability to promote more efficiently. The new changes will help businesses achieve conversion rate optimization with an immediate means to get in touch. Furthermore, businesses won’t have to waste precious bio space on putting their emails or phone numbers into their description areas.

New Analytics Tools Provide Valuable Insights

The new analytics tools will further provide actionable insights about how followers respond to brands’ content. They are collectively called Instagram Insights. Businesses will be able to easily access these tools from their profile home pages. From there, they will see a list of stats about their followers. This includes their geographical locations and their most active moments on Instagram. Exploring the location details can help brands discern the best times to share content with them. Brands can also localize content to make it more appealing to customers. Let’s review more analytics tools:

Promotional Power Through Instagram

Instagram will give brands an easy method for promoting their best content. They’ll be able to turn their best-performing posts into ads from within the app, saving them time and money. Doing so means picking a post and adding a button to it, urging consumers to take action. They can choose a target audience or rely on suggested targeting from Instagram. Furthermore, brands can choose the length of time they want the post to be promoted as an ad. Overall, Instagram displays potential to be a useful ecommerce marketing platform.

Get your business connected to Instagram for an exceptional marketing experience if you haven’t. To learn how to turn your online searchers into paying customers, read our POV: Search-to-Store Attribution: Solving the Missing Link.

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