What is LinkedIn Stories?

By Tinuiti Team

LinkedIn recently released a new feature called LinkedIn Stories to a select group of users. Despite only being available for a few weeks, LinkedIn Stories has already attracted a lot of attention and prompted discussions from marketers all over the world. 

In today’s article, we’ll cover the basics of what LinkedIn Stories is and how you will eventually be able to leverage it once it’s released to the general public. 

What is LinkedIn Stories?

LinkedIn Stories is a content format that allows users to share 20-second videos or image slideshows that will only be available for 24 hours. The content will disappear after the 24-hour period has passed.

This is the same feature that Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram already use, and has much of the same capabilities. 

Users will be able to add text overlays, stickers, Questions of the Day, and more. Users can also @mention other LinkedIn accounts.

As of the moment, LinkedIn Stories is only going to be available on LinkedIn’s phone app. It’s not currently available in China.

What’s so different about LinkedIn Stories?

While the features are nearly identical to that of other social media platforms, the primary difference (and draw) of LinkedIn Stories is the business context. 

Now, instead of Stories being used to share lifestyle updates with family members and friends, business owners and brands can share their content with colleagues and potential prospects. This content can be highly promotional:

“For B2B, I predict social media platforms will expand their offerings to better support businesses trying to reach business decision-makers. LinkedIn Stories is where brands will be able to showcase new products, features, and services to prospective customers.”

Kolin Kleveno, SVP, Addressable Audiences at Tinuiti



But LinkedIn Stories can also be used to connect with other business professionals in meaningful ways–especially important during this difficult time of social distancing and remote work. 

“Given that COVID has hit B2B business hard and marketers have had to greatly pivot to rely more heavily on digital marketing and less on in-person events, eMarketer is anticipating that B2B digital ad spend will increase about 23% YoY. With that, I anticipate that there will be a greater focus on building relationships in net new ways (enter Linked Stories) and also new ways to stream live events and network digitally via social.”

Natasha Blumenkron, Associate Director, Paid Social at Tinuiti


5 ways to leverage LinkedIn Stories

Not sure how LinkedIn Stories can be useful for your brand? Try one of the five ideas below:

1. Advice from thought leaders

LinkedIn is the go-to platform for learning from other industry professionals, and Stories are an excellent way to share valuable info in a bite-size format. 

It’s fun, easily digestible, and doesn’t require much in the way of production values. It’s great for attracting attention and increasing your authority among your peers. 

2. Customer testimonials

It’s human nature to trust recommendations from our peers, which is why case studies are such an important marketing tactic. But these documents tend to sit passively on your website, waiting for someone to stumble over them.

With LinkedIn Stories, you’ll be able to proactively share great customer feedback with your network. This increases the chance that the customer video will reach a prospect and catch their interest. 

3. Product tips and tricks

Content marketing is all about helping people, so why not use LinkedIn Stories to help your existing customers?

Post Stories that answer common product questions or help solve simple problems. A single LinkedIn Story has a very short run time, so keep your answers direct and to the point. Use tags in your post to ensure your video reaches the people who need it.

4. Livestream events

Live events might be on pause at the moment, but conferences and trade shows will eventually return. And when they do, you’ll be able to livestream the event straight from your phone. 

You can also use LinkedIn Stories to generate hype for said events. Have speakers and guests share quick sound bytes with you as a means to boost registration and attendance. 

5. Slice of life

Humanize your brand by posting videos of your employees at work. Show them at their desks or at the lunch room. Demonstrate both their serious side and their sense of humor. 

The more you can put a face (or multiple faces) behind the name of your brand, the more genuine and authentic you will appear to your prospects.

LinkedIn Stories are a new, fresh opportunity for you to connect with other professionals in a meaningful way, whether that’s for your own personal brand or for your company’s. We’re excited for its official release, and I’m sure you are, too!

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