Why Facebook Won't Stop Calling Me

By Tinuiti Team

“No, Josh, I haven’t got a chance to check it out. Let me reach out to YOU.”

Today marks the 7th time I’ve been called by the Facebook Marketing Team in less than a month. Each time, Josh calls me to check in on if I’ve read the email. Each time I say I’ll reach back out to him.

Maybe he just doesn’t get what that means so he keeps calling me. Maybe he’s overwhelmed and forgets – I’m sure he’s not having much fun cold calling thousands of people to advertise on Facebook.

But it certainly looks like Facebook is getting desperate for companies to spend money on their platform. And I don’t blame them. Hell, it’s good for shareholders to know this kind of push is being made (even though it’s extremely annoying to me). I also think Facebook’s stock will eventually rise as the company shifts their focus to ad revenue (and actually gets it right).

Two critiques if Facebook is out there looking to increase sales, straight from someone in your target market:

1. Get more case studies. You only have two on the front page of your Facebook Advertising page, one for a bicycle company and one for a luxury travel site, both which relate to me by a whopping 0%. Cmon. You want lots of advertisers? Prove that Facebook advertising is successful – to me. If you can’t, why are you calling me in the first place, to have a bad experience on your platform and then never use it for advertising again? We’ve all been seeing the companies dropping off advertising from your platform…

2. Get a blog! Peak my interests a little with a Facebook Advertising blog. Show some tips, put your case studies there, write write write! Show off your analytics tools, whatever. Just help us understand why we should do business with you (in a non-salesy way, we like that).

That ends my rant on Facebook calling me. I really hope the best for the company as I enjoy using their product. Hopefully ads won’t change that.

If only a Google Shopping rep wouldn’t stop calling me, that’d be a problem I’d happily welcome.

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