Refresh Your SEM Account Settings

By Tinuiti Team

With the first hint of above freezing temperatures, spring fever is definitely in full gear. Spring is the perfect opportunity to take a look at your accounts and clean out the excess. This is especially important for smaller clients. For instance, adjusting your account settings can increase your ROI, while lowering your CPO. This is a small, yet effective measure that can make all the difference. Let’s check out a few different ways to quickly clean up your account and become more efficient.

First, let’s take a look at the different options for Google including device, hour of day, day of week, networks, and location targeting.


You can check performance by device type in the Campaigns tab -> Segment -> Click type.

Once you have reviewed your performance by device per campaign, you can increase or decrease mobile bid adjustments.

Hour of Day/Day of Week

Go to Dimensions tab -> Time -> Hour of Day/Day of the Week.

Analyze the day of week/hour of day performance and decide which bid adjustments you will be making.

Next go to Settings -> Ad Schedule -> +Ad Schedule to implement the adjustments.

Search Networks

You can check performance by network in the Campaigns tab -> Segment -> Network (with search partners).

If you would like to opt out of search partners, you can do so under the Campaign’s network settings.

Some campaigns may perform well with search partners, while others do not. At Elite SEM, we typically see higher end clients seeing best performance with just the Google search network.


To review your geographic account performance, go to Dimensions -> Geographic. You can also adjust the different columns in view.

Once you have decided which locations perform best, you can bid up in those areas. Google also allows you to decrease bids or exclude the locations for areas with poorer performance.

With some of these small adjustments made to your account, you should see an improvement in efficiency. How has adjusting settings in your account proved positive? Increase in ROI or decrease in CPO?

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