Today: 10 AdWords Secrets You Need to Survive the Mobile Tsunami [White Paper]

By Tinuiti Team

Google “mobile traffic” and the image results literally show 4 upward trending graphs.


But this rapid acceleration of the mobile market is really a double-edged sword. One one hand is the huge opportunity to oust competitors in what is essentially a new market (complete with different shopping behaviors, costs, and strategy) and on the other hand is the challenge of (up to this point) raising the dismally low mobile conversion rate.

As a retail advertiser, it’s important that you understand the nuanced differences in advertising to the mobile consumer and the desktop consumer and ultimately, have a strategy in place to convert those shoppers at a profitable rate. Our new guide, 10 AdWords Secrets You Need to Survive the Mobile Tsunami is a discussion of 10 different aspects of converting paid mobile traffic that will help you pioneer this  rapidly growing space.

View the PDF and See if You’re on the Right Track with Mobile.

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