Unbounce and CPC Strategy Team Up to Optimize Q4 Conversion Rates [Webinar]

By Tinuiti Team

Google Shopping is paid, free traffic channels are drying up, and you’re spending more on marketing in general. But are you doing it effectively or are you wasting money down the drain?

On August 29 at 11 am PST CPC Strategy’s COO Nii Ahene and Unbounce‘s Director of Conversion Analysis and Digital Strategy will teach you how to use Google Shopping & landing pages more effectively.

Carlos Del Rio from Unbounce is an expert at conversion rates. How much could increasing your conversion rates help your business? Low conversion rates are one of the most common problems that can severely limit the effectiveness of any marketing channel.

Carlos will talk about how to increase the conversion rate on your website. Some of the tricks are so simple and easy to implement you’ll be scratching your head and asking “Why didn’t I do this before?”

Nii Ahene is a Google Shopping and data feed expert. You may have heard him last week on our Google Shopping webinar with Google. How much more effective can your Google Shopping campaign be? Can you spend less but get more? Is one ad group performing well, or is it really only a small group of products within that ad group that is performing well?

These are some of the questions Nii will be answering. He’s also going to share management strategies and best practices that have been working for our clients.

Don’t wait to sign up for this extremely personal webinar. Only 100 spaces are available and there will be a merchant Q&A with the presenters at the end.

PS our last webinar was completely full a week before the event so make sure you register now.



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