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The Challenge

The Vitamin Shoppe—a nutritional supplements retailer—is a high volume email sender. Since they send 55-60 emails to a contact in a given month, it’s crucial that they display relevant, one-to-one information. Over the past couple of years, they have more than doubled their send rate to contacts​. 

After partnering with Tinuiti in 2017 to develop a best-in-class email program and combat declining email demand, The Vitamin Shoppe was ready for their next level of development—finding ways to strategically personalize their email campaigns.


During the two-week testing period (September 9 – September 25, 2019), Tinuiti found that The Vitamin Shoppe’s dynamic cart module achieved:


Total Revenue-Per-Delivery




Average Order Value (AOV)



ad design with shoppable collections on facebook maurices

How We Did It

Abandoned Cart & Abandoned Browse Campaign Personalization

Since The Vitamin Shoppe sends numerous promotional emails, it’s crucial that their campaigns contain relevant messaging and content. In 2019, Tinuiti conducted a test that incorporated re-purposed abandoned cart and browse campaign data to personalize campaign messaging.

For this test, we implemented a dynamic cart module within our daily promotional emails. The purpose was to remind contacts to purchase their favorite items they’ve viewed or abandoned. Our goal by running this test was to increase click-through engagements, conversion rates and email revenue.

Tinuiti built strong relationships with The Vitamin Shoppe’s vendors—SmarterHQ and Movable Ink—to bring this test to life. SmarterHQ implemented customer behavioral data while Movable Ink powered beautiful and dynamic creative. We worked heavily with these partners to integrate the browse abandon and abandoned cart product data into the daily promotional emails.

ad design with shoppable collections on facebook maurices

 The Variables

Candidates were any contacts that recently browsed or abandoned within the last five days. The test groups received one of these versions across multiple campaigns.

  • Version A: Dynamic Cart Module (On Display)
  • Version B: No Cart Module

The test paid off—contacts who received the dynamic cart module had significantly higher clicks, conversions, orders and revenue compared to the control group. By implementing more personalization across all facets of email, The Vitamin Shoppe has continued to fuel demand and increase revenue.

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