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2021 Digital Marketing Panels


Digital Marketing, 2021 Style


Our biggest end-of-year event will help you align your 2021 digital marketing strategy to this new world. As the largest independent performance marketing agency with $2 billion in media spend, Tinuiti is sharing a treasure trove of data designed to help you boost your earnings in 2021. We have framed up the biggest takeaways of 2020 to help you identify opportunities, new emerging marketplaces, and cross-channel strategies to win in 2021. Our five panels bring together over 20 speakers representing ecommerce brands, technology partners, and Tinuiti experts. Plus, a live Q&A after each panel.

What You’ll Learn

How top brands stayed
on top in 2020
Successful pandemic marketing pivots
Why a diversified digital strategy is a non-negotiable
Biggest 2021 opportunities and threats



To succeed on Amazon, brands need a nuanced understanding of their target audience, consumer behaviors, and purchasing priorities. Join us to learn how No Cow Bars and Tinuiti partnered together to implement winning strategies during COVID-19 while maintaining sufficient inventory to keep up with the demand. Learn from the best Amazon advertising experts to uncover which Amazon advertising strategies have been the most successful throughout the pandemic.



Tess Reynolds

Senior Manager, Marketplaces

Audrey Eytchison

Senior Amazon Marketplace Channel Analyst

Jeremy Dodge

Head of eCommerce & Digital Marketing

Jason Shao

Enterprise Account Director

CRM/Email Marketing

Email is the most mature digital marketing channel there is, and with its unbeatable ROI it’s no wonder email has been able to stand the test of time. As CRM continues to evolve, there is more opportunity to launch new channels that intelligently complement your email strategies. Join expert speakers from Tinuiti, Klaviyo, Movable Ink plus mutual client Sand Cloud to learn how to advance your 2021 strategy with proven tactics to achieve your unique business goals. We’ll dive into how Sand Cloud stayed ahead of the competition in 2020 by introducing SMS, overlays, and predictive analytics into their marketing mix.

Stacy Strom

Associate Director,
CRM & Email

Megan Prindle

CRM & Email

Steven Ford

Steven Ford Co-Founder, Owner

Ashley Gomes

Senior Channel Customer Success Manager

Alison Lindland

SVP Strategy

Paid Social

2020 has presented new opportunities for brands to diversify social investments and pivot to emerging platforms that have attracted rapid user growth, engagement, and sometimes more cost-effective inventory. TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest are just of the maturing platforms that Tinuiti’s clients have seen success on. Tune in to this panel to hear what Tinuiti, Quick Frame, and Gatsby are telling their clients to focus on in 2021 from ad types to creative freshness. We’ll also be joined by client Society 6 who will discuss which of their 2020 strategies succeeded and what they’re prioritizing in 2021.

Avi Ben-Zvi

Group Director
Paid Social

Michael Skehill

Associate Director, Paid Social

Dala Somdy

Acquisition Marketing Manager

Morgan Bailey

Vice President

Bret Bernstein

Founder & CEO

Paid Search

If there’s any theme that sets the direction for Google’s platform in 2020, it’s the continued development of automation, AI, and machine learning tools. Hear experts from Tinuiti, Justuno, Dialogtech and top brand to discover what we tested, learned, and optimized for what Google has to offer and where we saw the greatest performance impact in 2020. We’ll unpack how a cross channel strategy has proven to close the funnel between discovery and retention.

Aaron Levy

Group Director
Paid Search

Roman Fitch

Director of Growth Media

Whitney Grekin

Director of Sales & Marketing

Rob Hammett

Director of Solutions

Blair Symes

Sr. Director of Product Marketing

Emerging Marketplaces

Ecommerce success relies heavily on the marketplaces where you choose to list your products. While the Amazon opportunity is massive, marketers need to be maximizing the potential of other emerging marketplaces. Walmart and Instacart present exciting, high-growth opportunities. Discover the latest digital shelf insights and how to get your products into the hands of consumers by listing across multiple marketplaces and sales channels. Discover how to diversify your strategy and get a wider assortment of products visible on other platforms that are far less competitive from a seller standpoint and drive huge volumes of consumer demand in time for 2021.

andrew richardson vp of analytics at tinuiti

Andrew Richardson

SVP, Analytics & Marketing Science

Elizabeth Marsten

Senior Director

Andy Powell

Director of Sales – Walmart