The Highest Converting Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Examples

By Tinuiti Team

Long gone are the days when Amazon sellers didn’t have the tools they needed to build brand equity and promote shopper loyalty.

Today, features like Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) give brand registered sellers a unique opportunity to differentiate their brand and products from their competitors utilizing rich media formats within their product description field.

EBC is quickly shifting from a trending Amazon feature to the new brand essential to succeed on the Marketplace.

Not only do these creative features help to improve the aesthetics of brands on the Marketplace – they also provide new opportunities to drive traffic to a brand’s entire catalog and increase detail page conversion rates.

If you’re actively trying to showcase unique product features or technology to potential customers, EBC is where you should be investing your marketing dollars. 

Don’t believe us? We’ve got the data (and 9 stunning EBC examples) to prove it.

What is Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)?

EBC is open to sellers who have been approved as brand owners through Amazon’s Brand Registry process. Once approved as a brand owner, sellers will qualify to add EBC to ASINs that are part of their approved brand catalog, but cannot add content to ASINs that are not part of their brand.

“One of the most immediate impacts that Enhanced Brand Content will have for 3P Sellers in the Brand Registry program is the benefit to paid advertising conversion rates,” Pat Petriello, Head of Marketplace Strategy at CPC Strategy said.

“Take, for example, a 3P brand manufacturer selling high quality premium sunglasses and advertising through Sponsored Products. With Enhanced Brand Content, that Seller has increased ability to showcase the unique value proposition of their products such as polarization, mirroring, contrast, transition, lens treatments, and so on.”

“They will also have the option to differentiate their brand from that of their competitors by communicating their brand story through the Enhanced Brand Content fields.”

“As a result, this Seller will be able to turn more of their advertising clicks into conversions, effectively increasing the ROAS on their ad spend and reducing ACOS. The ability to maximize the return through Enhanced Brand Content is a real win for 3P brands.”

Thanks to new updates to their program including EBC Video Beta and New EBC Modules, Amazon’s creative offerings are more important to sellers than ever before.

“Previously, there was only one mobile friendly EBC module option. Now, thanks to the new templates, it looks like some of the newer modules are mobile friendly and you can mix & match creative,” Ashley Vanderveen, Project Manager, Creative Services at CPC Strategy said.

“Aside from the creative and mobile improvements, now sellers can have up to 7 modules (which is more than A+ Content currently permits).”

The Best Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Examples:

Looking for inspiration?

Check out these 9 stunning Enhanced Brand Content examples:



Just take it from WHOOSH, a brand who is redefining the next generation of clean with tech hygiene products for tablets, smartphones, monitors, and more.

WHOOSH teamed up with CPC Strategy in March 2017 to establish profitable Amazon advertising campaigns and optimize select ASINs with new Amazon Creative.

We worked with WHOOSH to modify the product description fields and build out custom creative including their brand story, enhanced images, and text placements.

EBC also gave WHOOSH the additional space within their detail pages to answer common customer questions and provide relevant details about their product, which lead to an increase in conversion rate and a better shopping experience for their customers.

As a result, only 30 days after we implemented EBC on the ASIN below, they saw a 427% increase in detail page conversion rate.



2. Bioganix

Bioganix, a dietary supplement seller wanted to differentiate their brand in one of the most competitive categories on the Marketplace.

According to an interview with Abis Hussain, Senior Marketing Officer at Relevium Technologies Inc. implementing Enhanced Brand Content and building an Amazon Store was critical for the success of BioGanix on the Marketplace.

Only 27 days after Bioganix implemented Enhanced Brand Content on the ASIN below, they saw a 170% increase in detail page conversion rate.

amazon ebc example bioganix



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3. Verilux

Founded more than 35 years ago, Verilux light boxes mimic daylight by providing full spectrum light without the harmful UV rays. For those who can’t get outdoors or there’s not enough natural light available, HappyLight® is a perfect product choice for improving health and overall well being.

Our team worked directly with Verilux to select the best hero images, graphics, and charts to educate visitors on the unique benefits of their light therapy technology.

30 days after Verilux implemented Enhanced Brand Content on the ASIN below, they saw a 17% increase in detail page conversion rate.



4. Pop-A-Shot

Pop-A-Shot literally created the electronic basketball shooting game and it all started in 1981 with Ken Cochran, a longtime college basketball coach and former baseball Olympian. The brand was later sold to Tony Stucker and introduced to the Amazon Marketplace in 2016.

The new and improved Pop-A-Shot product was ideal for families with kids at home (ages 6-18), especially during the winter months. Hoping to capitalize on Q4 traffic, Pop-A-Shot teamed up with CPC Strategy to improve their advertising and creative strategy on the Marketplace.

Only 30 days after Pop-A-Shot implemented Enhanced Brand Content on the ASIN below, they saw a 53% increase in detail page conversion



5. Touchstone

Touchstone Home Products, Inc., an industry leader in Electric Fireplace and TV Lift products for the home since 2005 also implemented EBC. The ASIN below saw a 32% increase in detail page conversion rate within a 30 day period.



6. Core 4 Nutrition

“As a busy entrepreneur and medical professional, one of my goals on launching our brand on Amazon was to grow sales sufficiently so as to bring in CPC Strategy as our Amazon partner.

“In doing so, CPC has not only removed the marketing burden from my shoulders but with their experience and knowledge they have helped us broaden our brand by introducing marketing streams that I would have either not been aware or had the time bandwidth to tackle.”

“After 6 months of working with CPC, we have launched EBC and other important marketing pieces and our ready to see our sales grow significantly.” – Rick Cohen, President, Core4Nutrition



7. Joanna Vargas

“I initially hired CPC to help me with my ads and create a more systematic approach to selling on Amazon. After working with them for several months and being fully satisfied with their work I sought their help with EBC pages.

They have turned out amazing work and a great representation of my brand which has increased my sales. I would absolutely recommend them as they are top notch professionals.” – Cesar Vargas, CEO, Joanna Vargas

8. Zelite Limited

“CPC Strategy is an outstanding example of how businesses should run – extremely professional, reliable and produce some of the best work I have seen! On Amazon, the adage ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ is so true – images sell.”

“So, when we set about upgrading all of our listings to include EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) we wanted to use a company with a solid track record of producing exceptional results. Choosing CPC Strategy was definitely the right decision. Extremely easy to work with and deliver world class work – I am very pleased with the entire experience.” – Scott J. Fleming, CEO at Zelite Limited

9. Digital Deck Covers

“Working with CPC Strategy was super smooth and easy — they had great creative ideas for our EBC campaign, and more importantly, delivered every step on-time or ahead of schedule! They always responded to any questions or revisions promptly.”

“Compared to our experiences with other search marketing or web content companies, CPC Strategy was far and away superior! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone!” – Courtney Killian, Owner, Digital Deck Covers


Find out how our team can help your brand increase conversion rates with Amazon’s current creative offerings, email [email protected].

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