What Advertisers Should Know About Amazon's New Partnership For Fire TV Commercials

By Tinuiti Team

As of late last month, Amazon is working with The Trade Desk and dataxu to provide commercials to Fire TV.

According to reports, the video publishers can now set up what are known as “private marketplaces” to fill ad inventory through The Trade Desk and dataxu.

Want to learn more about Amazon Publisher Services latest investment and how it could impact your brand? Check out the post below.

Publishers Now Can Access Amazon DSP, dataxu, and The Trade Desk

Here’s the official announcement from Amazon (July 2019):

At Amazon Publisher Services (APS), we have been working hard to expand our services to connected TV (CTV) devices. This includes building a CTV solution specifically designed for fast, efficient and transparent real-time buying on long-form video, as well as working to add demand sources to help publishers increase revenue.

The most common transaction model for advanced TV advertising is the private marketplace (PMP) deal, which combines the benefits of direct negotiation between buyers and sellers with the advantages of programmatic audience buying at scale. All APS-integrated CTV apps can now execute such deals with advertisers and agencies using our new advanced TV PMP service and the demand-side platforms (DSPs) Amazon DSP, dataxu TouchPoint, and The Trade Desk.


Credit: Amazon Publisher Services


According to Amazon, media buyers using these DSPs will be able to access top-quality inventory and:

Maximize reach and supply access: APS enables PMPs with access to 100% of ad opportunities, unlike supply sources limited to remnant inventory and their place in the ad-server waterfall.

Avoid repeat ads: we support competitive separation and minimize repeat ads, providing advertisers with confidence about where their creatives will appear in-stream while protecting the viewing experience.

Ensure fee transparency: we enable a direct connection between apps and advertisers, allowing buyers to easily see how much they paid, exact fee amounts, and what the publisher was paid.


Here’s a simplified version of what you need to know:

1. What is Amazon Publisher Services?

Amazon Publisher Services is a suite of cloud services that brings solutions built by Amazon. The latest announcement is an extended platform offering that allows online media companies to manage their ad inventory on websites and apps.

2. Do private marketplaces provide better control over advertisers and pricing?

Basically, yes. A private marketplace gives publishers more control over which advertisers they choose to work with and pricing vs. an open marketplace where anyone can bid on ad space.

3. Are there big opportunities for Fire TV advertisers on the horizon?

Absolutely. Today, Fire TV leverages dozens of media companies including CBS, NBC, and YouTube to reach up to 34 million households. The opportunity is out there but advertisers who want to capitalize should be mindful of data transparency.

Experts Chime In:

“The cost to reach mass audiences through traditional television continues to increase while ratings decline, making OTT inventory like Fire TV increasingly valuable. Expanded access to this inventory across DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) is beneficial to all advertisers looking to reach targeted audiences at scale,” Geoff Litwer VP, Display Media at Tinuiti
Image result for Geoff Litwer
“However, advertisers focused on driving sales on Amazon will continue to have an advantage activating via Amazon’s DSP, with better measurement and potentially a higher priority of access to Fire TV inventory. While publisher demand was most likely the impetus for this move, it’s great to see a step away from the walled-garden mentality, even if only temporarily.”


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