Amazon Marketing Services Release New Custom Date Range & Reporting Tools

By Tinuiti Team

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) new custom date range and reporting features are just the latest in a wave of updates to the advertising platform.

AMS can be highly effective, but in the past it’s been cumbersome and inefficient to make optimizations or access basic reports.

Active management of AMS campaigns can be extremely time-consuming in itself, which combined with the platform interface’s singular view of performance has lead to a lot of wasted time and less-than-optimal performance.

This is just one of the many reasons, CPC Strategy created a tool suite specifically for AMS management: CAPxAMS.

For months, we’ve been able to put our clients on the fast track to optimization, utilizing our own technology to provide:

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What’s New in Amazon Marketing Services?

Now, it looks like Amazon has finally updated their own platform to include at least one of these features – custom date range – to all AMS advertisers.

New features available include:

If you are like many advertisers struggling with limited reporting tools (and you haven’t opted into our CAPx technology yet), the new features are a pretty big deal and here’s why:

1) Custom Date Ranges Provide Day to Day Data

Imagine if you could only get data based on lifetime history? Unfortunately, this has been the case for many advertisers using AMS.

Now, Amazon is providing advertisers with the ability to set their own date ranges, allowing them to discover insights into how things are changing week-to-week or day-to-day for each AMS campaign.


2) New Reports Provide Better Insight Into Campaign Performance

Amazon is also offering new downloadable reports for Headline Search Ads and Sponsored Products campaign performance including:




According to Jordan Gisch, Sr. Marketplace Channel Analyst at CPC Strategy, “New reports for Headline Search Ads and Sponsored Products campaigns could be very useful in gaining a better understanding of bid levels and where our ads are showing up.”

“We can also begin to A/B test high bid & low bid to see which kind of placements perform better.”


jordan gisch

Below is a summary from Amazon on the capabilities of each AMS report:

“Access to these tools will allow for advertisers to use recent data to optimize campaign performance with increased efficiency,” Tanya Zadoorian, Marketplace Channel Analyst at CPC Stratgey said.

“The biggest thing that sets our in-house CAPxAMS tool apart is the ability to review Sponsored Products campaigns with a customized filter that is not restricted to the last 90 days (as it is in the AMS portal) and make those bulk bid optimizations.”

The Fundamentals of AMS:

Amazon Marketing Services is an advertising section on Amazon built for Vendors.

The different types of ads available:

As most advertisers know, nothing in Amazon stays the same for long–and that includes Amazon Marketing Services (AMS).

As a vendor, you need to know the changes and advanced strategies that will catapult you beyond competitors.

In our recent guide, Mastering Amazon Marketing Services in 2018 you will get an in-depth look at the three current AMS ad types, and how to implement successful strategies for each.

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