A Call to Action: What Do YOU Want to Learn About?

By Tinuiti Team

Our New Year’s Resolution: Provide better, more substantive, content for our readers

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been going through somewhat of a transformative phase here at the marketing department of our office.  Our quandary is essentially about our blog content, and how we can most efficiently and effectively relay our clients and online retailers in general high quality, useful, and relevant information.

The challenge is to find a happy medium between 5-star, gourmet content and a McDonald’s Big Mac because we know ecommerce business owners want expediency with their quality.

One of the biggest follies in marketing that we are so often guilty of is trying to hypothesize as to what our audience is hungry for.  Well, we’d rather just go straight to the source.

And so we ask….

What do you, the oh so preoccupied, ambitious, and inquisitive business owner, WANT to know?  Better yet, what do you NEED to know? 

This can be anything ranging from comparison shopping management, fulfillment, conversions, bid management, marketing, starting an internship program, outsourcing, or blogging.  Seriously, anything you want to know, we want to know.

We’re here for YOU, so privilege us with your 2 cents in the comments below or email us at [email protected]. =]

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