4 Exceptional Publications for the Modern Day CMO

By Tinuiti Team

With the speed of digital marketing innovation being faster than ever before, its tough to cram time in to stay on top of industry trends. These 4 publications not only provide news insights but are hubs for well-established industry thought leaders:


adage_logoAdAge is the modern-day CMO’s hub on all trends digital and media advertising. Advertising Age is great for reading “meta” posts on buzzing industry trends (ex. native advertising, programmatic buying, social TV, etc.) and learning about overarching themes in modern day advertising.

However, they do throw in a good number of more specific articles that focus in on individual ad campaigns.


adweek-logoAdAge and Adweek are almost mirror images of each other, but I’ve felt Adweek to be more specific and event-centric. Though a bit more commercialized, Adweek also offers a better overall site design than AdAge.

Head here to stay up to date on who’s doing big things in advertising and which ads are causing the most buzz. the former 2 blogs focus more on media and digital advertising, focuses almost exclusively on digital trends. Acting has Adobe’s main commercial blog, points to the better articles on the web about digital marketing (some of which come from Adweek and AdAage), and they also feature “CMO Exclusives, ” which is their own proprietary content.

You’ll find a good number of established industry professionals from big name companies weighing in here, particularly this gem.

Harvard Business Review

…Because the modern day CMO must also be emotionally intelligent to lead an organization. No, you wont find this to be a good hub for news, but HBR is a goldmine of articles and allegories on leadership.

Some of my personal favorites include (some require a paid subscription…but it’s the internet, you can probably find it somewhere):

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