Data Management Platform Review: The ADEX

By Tinuiti Team

Have tons of customer data, and not sure how to use it?

Perhaps you already have a Data Management Platform (DMP), but you don’t touch it because you basically need to be a developer to understand it.

It’s a shame because if you did understand your DMP technology, you could segment your audiences into groups based on powerful factors such as AOV and target them with hyper-relevant messages.


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That’s where a solid startup DMP should help–and The ADEX is a good example of a DMP that’s designed to be easy to use and has stellar customer support.

(If you’re unsure what a Data Management Platform is, catch up with our recent blog post.)

What is The ADEX?

The ADEX was started in 2012 and is the first official German DMP, although they work with international clients.

In the five years since inception, The ADEX has worked with marketers, agencies, and publishers to identify, group, and activate 1P and 3P consumer insights across devices and channels (even those that are offline) while maintaining user anonymity.

“The biggest benefit of ADEX is the centralization of different data sources that have different structures,” says Jana Moran, Head of Client Services at The ADEX. “To centralize and organize the vast amount of really complex data in an effective way so it can be used is a huge benefit.”

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The ADEX Features


ADEX Integrations


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The ADEX Costs

The ADEX has a software as a service (SaaS) business model, with an initial set up fee and monthly fees.

These monthly fees vary based on the included tracking/upload events, features, and number of accounts or users. Everything else is paid on variables, such as CPM.

To learn more, email “[email protected]”.

ADEX Segmentation Capabilities

With all of the data points available, it can be tough to decide which ones to combine. However, according to Moran, there are two particular combinations The ADEX allows that are particularly useful for retailers:

First, the subscriber target.

“Let’s say you know a particular user pool has a [subscription to your product] but it will expire in the next four weeks. You can target that group to convince them to renew.”

Secondly, the email ghosts–you know, the ones who never open your newsletter.

“You can target those customers who have not opened your newsletter, but who happen to be on social media. Depending on the customers, a combination of CRM data points from your [arsenal] plus additional third party data can be powerful.”

How AdEx is Different Than Other DMPs

The Switzerland of DMPs

Most DMPs today aren’t just DMPs–they’re full stack solutions.

That might sound awesome, but you should know the risks, because your DMP may no longer be neutral.

For instance, if your DMP also comes with a real-time bidding function, you may not have the possibilities to distribute your data into a wide range of DSPs, as the full-stack solutions are likely to encourage the activation of your data through their technologies and on their inventory.

In other words, you don’t have 100% control over how your data gets used. Moran explains:

“A lot of companies want a DMP but also additional DSP integrations or even further technologies such as customer journey tools or customer analytics. At the end of the day, if you don’t own those products within your company, the standalone DMP company is neutral and flexible so that the customers can decide what they want to use on an a la carte basis.”

Global Consulting Service

The ADEX is unique because while their home base is in Germany, 80% of the employees are non-German. And that’s intentional. Moran shares why:

We offer the flexibility to adjust to any type of market’s challenges, and we connect to every kind of customer, publisher, agency, advertiser, on any side of the world. If we need any additional resources in terms of language, 80% of our employees are non-German. This is our focus, and the connections to different technology partners are global. When we talk about product releases and roadmaps, we gain inspiration by our partners and clients around the world.

Whether you’re in Germany or not, the international angle is an advantage, because you’ll know your DMP is staying on top of global trends.

The Bottom Line

DMPs will always face challenges from legal privacy issues, and in the EU, it seems as though they’re opening new legal cases every day.

However, when you choose an adaptive DMP that’s ahead of the curve–which The ADEX seems to be–you have a better chance of maintaining your ability to target consumers at a deep level.

Overall, The ADEX is a solid DMP with a strong focus on international consultancy, standardized pricing tiers. 

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