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By Tinuiti Team

Ecommerce Fulfillment Service: ShipStation


With the same-day shipping service Google Shopping Express gaining more steam, it’s clear that more is being demanded of the modern-day retailer in terms of fast and efficient ecommerce fulfillment.

Finding a reliable ecommerce fulfillment service that fits the needs of the modern consumer is difficult in today’s market. Luckily, we got a chance to catch up with Robert Gilbreath, VP of Marketing at ShipStation, for a brief Q&A.

Describe ShipStation in 60 words or less.

Robert: We are a web-based (SaaS) shipping solution for ecommerce retailers. We sit between the places folks sell online and the carrier(s) they use to actually ship out their packages. We allow them to automate much of the shipping process, which saves most of the customers 50% or more time over their previous process/solution.

What are the benefits of ShipStation to an ecommerce retailer?

Robert: We simplify their shipping/ecommerce fulfillment processes by giving them one place to handle all their orders no matter where they do their selling. As I mentioned above, our easy-to-use automation tool allows users to set up rules on how to handle particular order types based on tons of different attributes.

They set them once and then they just run. Folks also don’t need to worry about outgrowing ShipStation. We currently have users shipping as few as a dozen items a week all the way up to teams shipping >5000 items a day.

What’s your vision for how ecommerce fulfillment will transform in the next 10-15 years?

Robert: 10-15 years? Wow, who knows, right? In the nearer term, fulfillment will need to continue to transform to meet and exceed customer expectations. As larger retailers test same-day delivery, the use of pick-up spots and the “order online – pick-up in store” method of delivery will become much more common.

Consumers will expect those methods, whether they are shopping on Amazon or a smaller start-up retailer. Ecommerce fulfillment software providers like us will need to continue to develop tools so that retailers don’t fall behind in these areas.

What’s ShipStation’s unique selling proposition?

Robert: ShipStation is extremely customer-centric. Our users figuratively take a seat at the conference table when we discuss our product roadmap / new features to release. We also pride ourselves in having possibly the most partner integrations in the ecommerce fulfillment space. Again, we don’t want our users to outgrow us so we are constantly adding new partners to best serve our users.

What kind of retailer/business is best suited for ShipStation’s service?


Robert: Folks shipping 10 or more items a week will see/feel the benefit of using ShipStation. This is even truer once they become multi-channel, meaning they sell on more than one marketplace or sales channel.

With our typical user saving at least 50% of the time spent on fulfillment (vs. their previous method of processing orders), it’s not hard to justify the spend on our service.

What’s next for ShipStation?

Robert: We plan to continue on our path of more integration partnerships, new features, and ever-evolving tools to help simplify the order processing and fulfillment work of our users.

I can’t really share much of what is currently in the works, but I’m really excited about some big announcements we have in the foreseeable future.

How can an ecommerce merchant get started with ShipStation fulfillment?

ShipStation is the place to go to learn everything about our service as well as about the team behind it. Potential users can sign up for a trial there (does not require a credit card) while on the site. Once they start their trial, they will get there own account manager who will be happy to help them get started =].

About Robert:

Robert Gilbreath is the VP of Marketing at Austin-based start-up ShipStation. He was previously VP of Ecommerce Marketing at Internet Retailer Top 500 When not leading efforts to share ShipStation with those in need of such a service, he loves spending time outdoor with his family.

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