Hiring the right digital agency for your business can be the difference between having a record year in sales and leads, to losing customers and money. Asking the right questions and doing some due diligence can go a far way in developing and building a relationship with your digital agency.

Tips on Choosing the Right Digital Agency

When choosing an agency, here are some things to keep in mind:

Gain a thorough understanding of the agency’s background, current clients, and experience.

  • Ask about the longevity of the agency’s current clients and account teams, their experience in your vertical and their background in the agency world. In fact, your agency should offer up this information without you even having to ask.

Ensure the agency values its clients and wants to see them succeed.

  • Effective, and frequent, communication should never be reflective of spend. Regardless of your financial commitment to an agency, it is important that you chose to work with a team who makes it known that they value you and want to see your company succeed.

Ask what team will be assigned to you and why.

  • The personnel that are assigned to each account at Elite are not haphazard. A client is assigned staff based on a number of factors: location, expertise, experience in each vertical, bandwidth, and a few other things. Be sure that your agency is teeing you up for success.

Find out if the agency is willing to work on your terms or at least be flexible.

  • You set your own cadence. When you sign-on with an agency, it is imperative that you lay the groundwork for how often you’d like to have meetings or calls with the agency, how often you’d like an in-person meeting, how frequent you’d like to receive reporting, etc.

Hire an agency that will be there for the long haul.

  • Your agency should be just as, if not more, excited than you are about what your digital dollars are doing. This especially pertains to a new initiative or program that the digital team is rolling out. In these cases, “hand-holding” is necessary because, after all, this is why you’ve hired an agency. We’re your champions, and we should be walking you through every step, making sure that our visions are aligned and our goals are within grasp.

Work with an agency with fresh ideas.

  • Speaking on behalf of all agencies – if we aren’t coming to you with fresh ideas, than we understand that someone else will. It’s important to the growth of your company, and ours, that we are agile and keeping our advertising efforts ahead of the curve.

Lastly, hiring a digital agency is not like hiring a contractor who will do their job and walk away. It is about hiring a team of expert digital advertisers and marketers who will work intimately with your team, get to know your business inside and out, and to help you achieve your goals.

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