Despite Mobile’s Momentum, Ecommerce Still Predominantly Desktop Driven (Study)

Despite perceptions that shopping on mobile devices is increasingly dominating the retail experience, a recent study from CPC Strategy suggests that desktop usage is still king by a wide margin.

The study highlights user behavior on Google Shopping across mobile, desktop and tablet for both B2B and B2C  retailers.

Ecommerce Mobile Study Highlights:

  • For B2B merchants, nearly 9 out of every 10 visits came from desktop users, but only 2/3 of B2C merchants came from desktop (88.99% vs 66.27%)
  • Mobile consumers accounted for 4.35 times as much total revenue for B2C merchants compared to B2B (10.98% vs 2.52%)
  • B2B shoppers on desktop have the highest AOV by far at $407.25

Ecommerce device study




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