More on November Spending/Cyber Monday

By Tinuiti Team

While the end of the world may easily be near, depending on who you want to believe, the most recent results are slightly positive for the time being.

According to the latest Comscore finding this past Cyber Monday was the second highest online spending day since the beginning of time, with $846 million spent.

It wasn’t quite enough to bring the period up from November 1st to December 1st into positive growth territory, but did overcome the pre-Thanksigiving numbers which saw a decrease of 4% year over year for the period to a decline of just 2%.

What does the future bode for online retailers then?

Comscore forecasts that online spending will be exactly what it was a year ago, at $29.2 billion for the November and December months, an average of $14.6 billion per month–compared to an average of $10.2 billion a month from January to October.

Not exactly the greatest news if you’re an online retailer, but far from the end of the world, as we know it.

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