We’ve heard it all before: “This is the year of mobile.” That seems to have been the case for years now. How can every year be the year of mobile? Well according to Internet Analyst Mary Meeker from KPCB, a Venture Capital firm, mobile is officially taking over the Internet. In her recently published Internet Trends 2014 Report, Meeker states that mobile traffic rose 81% from 2013 to 2014 and it now makes up 1/4th of total web usage. What is the biggest driver for the growth, you may ask? Video! Video has become an increasingly important medium for getting a brands message across on all devices (desktop, tablet and mobile). Specifically, 80% of Internet users in China are on mobile. That is a truly astounding number, and one that the US figures to come closer to hitting over the coming years. The fact of the matter is, still only 30% of mobile users use smart phones, so there is really nowhere to go but up for this ever-growing space.

There were plenty of other interesting trends found in the report as well, including some great information about the tablet space, which is still a very small chunk of the overall Internet landscape, with even more room for growth than mobile. 2013 saw a 52% growth in tablet usage, while only 6% of the population has this relatively new medium. As tablets continue to grow, we expect to see more and more Internet traffic move in the direction of these devices.

What does this mean? As has been the case for years now, it is incredibly important that your site is optimized for all devices. We recommend creating a site with responsive design so that no matter what device a user is on, the website comes through formatted correctly and ease of use is consistent across all devices.

Over the next few years mobile will continue to be a very important device that we use in our everyday lives. As consumers, it’s already integral in the way we do daily tasks. From driving directions, to restaurant suggestions, to finding new music to listen to, it will only continue to be a part of our everyday lives. As the customer base grows, and technology improves, it will get more and more important to us as marketers as well.

If you’d like to read more on Ms. Meeker’s report, you can do so here: http://www.slideshare.net/kleinerperkins/internet-trends-2014-05-28-14-pdf

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