And the Social Media Site with the Highest AOV is…Not Facebook?

By Tinuiti Team

Social commerce continues to build steam as an industry conversation-piece for 2014. It seems as though after years of hype and fruitless discussion, the value-of-social-media-for-ecommerce debate is settling down as more social platforms start validating sales performance with raw data.

However, a business’s willingness to actually take initiative and dive into a social commerce strategy (and what those first steps even look like) is another challenge all together. For some clarification on first steps, I recommend checking out our Q&A with social commerce toolsuite, AddShoppers.

Behold: some actual data from Shopify‘s many clients  on the efficacy of social platforms for driving ecommerce sales. The frontrunners? Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, and Polyvore.



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