Introducing the New Facebook Dynamic Creative Tool in Power Editor

By Tinuiti Team

Don’t want to spend all your time tweaking ad campaigns for every unique customer segment imaginable? Not sure which headline, image or CTA is going to work best with your target audience?

Then you might want to leverage Facebook’s new dynamic creative tool.

Able to hone in on the best, most effective combination of ad elements – including things like images, titles, descriptions and even calls to action – and then serve it up to specific audiences on your behalf, the dynamic creative tool is a pretty serious game changer for a busy advertiser.

Though you still have to input all your unique ad components, much of the decision-making burden is taken off your shoulders, allowing you to have a more effective, efficient (and hassle-free) campaign on the whole.

How the Facebook Dynamic Creative Tool Works

According to Facebook, the dynamic creative tool is pretty simple.

You just input your different ad elements, and the platform “automatically explores as series of ad variants based on these components.” It then hones in on the ones that deliver the most results for your set objective and focuses your budget on those.

Essentially, it’s an automated ad delivery system that optimizes your results (and your budget) based on the performance of different creative elements you provide.

If you’re too time-strapped to A/B test or you just don’t know which creative components are going to resonate with your audience best, it’s a great tool to use and learn from.

How to Set Up Ads Using the Dynamic Creative Tool

The dynamic creative tool is only available on Power Editor or the recently updated Ads Manager (which is just the old Ads Manager combined with Power Editor), so make sure you’re using the right tool before you dive in.

Once you’re ready, click the “Create New Campaign” button, as you would with any previous campaign you have configured, and choose your objective.

Keep in mind though, your options are limited.

The dynamic creative tool can only be used with three campaign objectives (conversions, app installs or traffic) and two formats (single image and single video.)

Pro-Tip: If these don’t work with your current campaign goals, you may need to wait until a later date to use dynamic creative.

After you’ve created your campaign and set your objective, click “Create New Ad Set” and “Save to Draft.”

Here, you should see an area that says “Dynamic Creative.” (Hint: it will also say NEW next to it.)

Now, configure the rest of your ad set’s settings as you would normally. Don’t worry about choosing options that might not jive with a dynamic creative ad. The tool will remove them or let you edit them later on.

Once you move onto the next step of set-up – building your ad – you’ll have the option to add multiple assets for your advertisement.

Go ahead and upload multiple images or videos, and add in various headlines, descriptions, CTAs and body text as you see fit.


facebook dynamic creative tool


Just make sure that: 1) they can all work together cohesively if mixed and matched and  2) your number of assets doesn’t exceed 30.

There are individual limits that you’ll need to adhere to, too. Those are:

Once the components are all in, preview possible variations of your ad by clicking “View More Variations.” If you spot any that don’t make sense or achieve the right messaging, go back and edit your ad assets as appropriate. You want every possible combination to make sense and show your brand in the best light.

Seeing Your Results

Once you’ve got dynamic creative ads up and running, you can view your campaign’s results in Power Editor by clicking “Breakdown.”

This lets you see your performance broken down by ad element – call to action, website, headline, text, image, video or description.

Under each element, you can also see different metrics, including “results,” “cost per result,” “CTR” and “age and gender.”

Age and gender gives you deep-dive insight into who’s interacting with your specific ad components. Be sure to use this data when tweaking your ad or setting up additional campaigns and targeting options in the future.

To learn more about the new Facebook dynamic creative tool in power editor, email [email protected]

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