4 Ways The Facebook Watch Monetization Update Helps Video Creators

By Tinuiti Team

Facebook has announced major updates to ad formats and monetization on Facebook Watch, a signal that the social media giant is stepping up competition against major video platforms like YouTube.

The latest update consists of 4 improvements that help Facebook Watch video monetization:

  1. Expanded Placements for Pre-Roll video
  2. Preview Trailers
  3. Ad Breaks Auto Insertion
  4. Pre-Publish Brand Safety Check


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Let’s take a quick look at what this update is, and what it means in the greater context of video-sharing platforms and advertisers.

Growing Monetization For Facebook Watch Creators And Publishers

 Facebook has stated that it is focused on maximizing the payouts to content creators and publishers that create valuable content. 

“We are focused on growing payouts for creators and publishers who develop engaged and loyal audiences and are working on growing payouts for partners who develop loyal, engaged viewing” says Nick Grudin, VP of Media Partnerships at Facebook.

“Growing payouts,” in addition to new ad placements and improved optimization, may help alleviate marketer concerns regarding the channel.

“With the recent updates to the algorithm, Facebook advertisers have been concerned over cost increases. With people spending less time on the platform this means less potential inventory. Now that there will be additional placements available to video ads, we’ll likely continue to see short form video ads on the rise.”

Jenny Broekemeier
– Jenny Broekemeier, Social Marketing Manager, CPC Strategy

The monetization update includes improving the eligibility for ad placements (called Ad Break Eligibility) for number of video formats.



facebook watch nas daily 3$ clothes


In addition to expanding monetization, Facebook Watch is also updating their general monetization features.


Facebook also outlined new policies that remove incentives from content “that create less value for people.” This includes:


Facebook Watch Wants “Valuable” Content, More Viewers

Facebook Watch launched late last year, in what many deem a late start in market already crowded with big players such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and others.

The video service features user-created videos, shows, live sports, and other categories.

facebook watch homepage


The resources and potential of the world’s largest social media company shouldn’t be underestimated.

Facebook has over 2 billion users and an effective infrastructure for connecting people to engaging content. Potential challenges in differentiating the young video platform from well-established competitors will remain.

Jenny Broekemeier

“It will take a while for people to adopt Facebook as their ‘go to’ video platform. Especially if publishers utilize the exact same content across all other social networks. People also tend to be on multiple screens while watching long form video content, so we’ll likely see low completion rates from this content.”


However, if the social media giant can develop a platform that seamlessly connects their userbase to their favorite shows and broadcasts, then advertisers (and YouTube/Netflix/Hulu) may want to start paying attention.

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