Spotted: New AdWords Reporting Feature, Custom Columns

By Tinuiti Team

Today CPC Strategy’s Paid Search team discovered a new AdWords feature in the wild. AdWords Custom Columns, a reporting tool which allows advertisers to segment different metrics easily, expands the analysis ability for Google PPC managers.

New AdWords Reporting Featuregoogle-adwords1

The feature is unique in that it allows Google advertisers to create a custom column to view performance metrics (clicks, spend, conversions, CTR, ROI, etc.) by the following segments:

For example, advertisers can create a column to only view ​​conversion​s​ on the top of the Google search page​, or ​​​only spend on mobile devices.​AdWords reporting new feature

AdWords Custom Column Setup

To set up ​Custom Columns in AdWords, follow the steps below:

AdWords reporting PPC custom columns

More info on custom columns can be found here.​​

“Custom Columns are an awesome new feature. Advertisers can now create custom metric columns for Networks, Top vs. Other, Device, and other metrics- and sort accordingly.

Currently, an advertiser looking to analyze keywords that are spending a lot on mobile can’t parse that data effectively within AdWords- that’s something that needs to be exported to Excel. But with custom columns, advertisers can create a custom column for that metric and sort directly within the user interface, which is a great feature.”

-David Weichel, Paid Search Director

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