CPC Strategy Announces The Google Dynamic Remarketing Guide

By Tinuiti Team

Google remarketingThis past week Google took the ecommerce world by storm one more time, with the release of Google Dynamic Remarketing for online retailers. The program which was formerly in beta, is now available to any retailer with a Google merchant center account.

Remarketing targets users who are more likely to convert, and Google notes up to 450% higher clickthrough rates from Dynamic Remarketing campaigns. Now is the time to get started with remarketing if you sell online.

Since you have better things to do than research Google Dynamic Remarketing, we put together The Google Dynamic Remarketing Guide. You can thank us later, preferably with chocolate or bacon.

Google Dynamic Remarketing Guide

Why Should I Check Out the Google Dynamic Remarketing Guide?

We wrote the guide, so its the best you’re going to find. But since you asked…

Here are some of the things you will learn from the Google Remarketing guide:


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