Google Consumer Ratings Annotations

By Tinuiti Team

Google has recently introduced consumer ratings annotations to their ads, which are highly industry-specific ratings based on Google Consumer Surveys, their platform for collecting consumer opinion data. These require no setup or setup costs by the advertiser and are based exclusively on consumer data collected for your specific business.

Benefits of Consumer Ratings

Consumer ratings can help your business in several different ways:

– Highlighting specific strength areas as defined by customers

– Free) Increase of ad real estate with relevant customer feed which can lead to increased traffic

– Diverse feedback from Google Consumer Surveys’ random, indiscriminative selection process of customers

How Consumer Ratings Annotations Work

People take part in Google Consumer Surveys in order to access web content or to earn Google Play credit and self-identify themselves as customers via specific questions within the survey; for example, answering questions like “What airline have you flown on recently?” The following questions survey their experience based on a scale of different satisfaction levels.

Once enough surveys have been collected for a particular industry, Google establishes a benchmark score for that industry and uses it to compare businesses within that industry. A specific business won’t become eligible for the annotation until several hundred, and in most cases over a thousand, people have been surveyed for that specific business. If Adwords has enough ratings and predicts showing ratings will benefit your campaign(s), up to three of your best ratings will show without any setup needed.

Consumer ratings are country specific so people searching in the US will only see consumer ratings from US brands only. Additionally, consumer ratings are only available in English so people searching in different languages won’t see them.

If you’re interested in Google consumer ratings, you can submit a request and, alternatively, you can also contact Google if you currently have low scores and/or would like to opt out.


Source: Google Adwords Blog –

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