Accurately Represent Your Products with Google Manufacturer Center

By Tinuiti Team

Introducing the Google Manufacturer Center

Update: Learn how to upload your data feed into the Manufacturer Center

Manufacturer product data, such as images, descriptions and variants, are expected to be accurate, rich and consistent for shoppers online.

According to a recent announcement, Google Manufacturer Center is now available to help brand manufacturers accurately represent their products to shoppers across, Google Shopping and other Google

By uploading authoritative product data to the tool, manufacturers can enrich their product listings across Google to help shoppers make more informed buying decisions.

The tool can be used to gain product level insights and data.

For example, retailers will learn how many times their products appear on Google within a given time frame and how many times shoppers click on their products versus competing products in their category.


Google Manufacturer Center will:





Manufacturers can choose to either upload their product data directly to Manufacturer Center or select an approved Google Shopping Partner for product information management.

If you’re a brand manufacturer and interested in Manufacturer Center, please complete the interest form or email [email protected] and we will reach out with next steps.

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