Google Shopping Campaigns: Should you bid more on Mobile?

By Tinuiti Team

Shopping Campaigns mobile bids

Mobile is the fastest growing segment of ecommerce, and accounts for a large part of online shopping. Mobile is a must for most online merchants, and mobile adoption advocates are everywhere.

With Google Shopping Campaigns, Google and major search agencies are similarly advising retailers increase bids on mobile traffic for Shopping Campaigns to take advantage of the increased traffic.

The Google Shopping Campaign Mobile Bid Myth

Mobile traffic for ecommerce has grown, and mobile traffic on Google is significant. However, Conversion rate (CR) on mobile traffic remains low on Google Shopping.

Use Analytics data to determine your mobile performance and test mobile bids. Don’t increase mobile bids above your desktop traffic when you create your campaign or segment devices. Keep your mobile bid on par with your overall bids, or consider decreasing bids on mobile.

If you don’t have a mobile optimized site consider a bid of -25% to -50% on mobile traffic.

To change your device bid for mobile in AdWords:

A. Navigate to the settings tab in your Shopping Campaign and select Devices

B. Click on the bid adjustment next to mobile devices

C. Change your mobile bid

Mobile bids on Google Shopping Campaigns

While we’ve seen lower conversion rate for mobile traffic across the board, your Google Shopping campaign may not have similar results. Test your mobile bids and traffic before making any significant campaign changes and always adjust bids based on performance.


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