Google Shopping Webinars for Retail Brands & PPC Advertisers

By Tinuiti Team

At CPC Strategy, we pride ourselves on providing the most relevant and cutting edge content for PPC professionals and advertisers.

For the first time, we are opening up our archive to the public, showcasing our most popular Google Shopping webinar recordings and slides – for FREE.

As seen below, we’ve provided a direct link to each recording (no need to opt-in!)

If you would like to request a specific topic or webinar recording, please email tara@cpcstrategy for more information.

Ultimate List of Google Shopping Advertising Webinars:

Advanced Google Shopping Strategies to Rank Higher in 2017

Summary: Is your current Google Shopping strategy enough to outrank your competitors & drive high quality traffic to your eCommerce site? It’s a question many eCommerce marketers are asking themselves as they reflect back on their campaign performance.

Featuring:  CPC Strategy

What You Will Learn:


Customer LifeCycle Marketing Strategies

Summary: With ecommerce giants like Amazon taking more & more market share each day, ecommerce marketers are being forced to re-think their customer acquisition strategies & how they can retain their current customer base and create a more personalized shopper experience.

Featuring:  Join leading industry PPC experts, CPC Strategy, & leading predictive lifecycle marketing experts at Windsor Circle as they showcase proven strategies to acquire & retain customers at a more efficient & cheaper cost.

What You Will Learn:


Summary: Paid Search Advertising is changing…for the better. We’re now seeing more sophisticated ways to target consumers’ searches, beyond keyword targeting. Leverage the power of audience signals from your site to run Remarketing List for Search Ads and stay top of mind for consumers looking to purchase.

Featuring:  Join Google & CPC Strategy as we team up to dive into RLSA & Remarketing strategies that’ll help supercharge your paid search campaign performance.

What You Will Learn:


Uncover the Threats Lurking in Your Campaigns

Summary: Trademark bidders can reduce your search traffic, inflate your marketing costs, and even mislead your customers — If you’re a brand and looking to protect your most valuable traffic, join CPC Strategy & BrandVerity for this webinar.

Featuring: CPC Strategy & BrandVerity

What You Will Learn:



How to Maximize Google Shopping Campaign Profitability

Summary: If you’ve thought about or asked yourself these questions before, I highly recommend joining CPC Strategy’s open forum Q&A, where our Google Shopping Gurus will answer any questions you have around campaign optimization.

Featuring: CPC Strategy

What You Will Learn:

The Q4 Digital Commerce AdTalks

Summary: Failure to perform well in Q4 can often be detrimental to ecommerce retail brands. Because of the inevitable holiday shopping rush, this time of year can be stressful for retailers looking to maximize resources.

Therefore, CPC Strategy is co-hosting The Q4 Digital Commerce AdTalks with SEMrush & Miva to cover holiday-specific strategies in advertising, conversion rate optimization, and customer retention.

Featuring: CPC Strategy, SEMrush, Miva

What You Will Learn:


Out-competing Amazon on the Google SERP Over Black Friday

Summary: $9 billion in sales. That’s how much consumers are projected to spend from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday, according to Adobe Data. And with Amazon’s recent push in Google Shopping investment, it’s imperative your Shopping & text ad campaigns are optimized and efficient to compete against the likes of Amazon.

Featuring: CPC Strategy

What You Will Learn:

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