How Google Shopping Became a Significant Line of Revenue for Invicta Stores

By Tinuiti Team

Invicta Stores partnered with CPC Strategy just prior to the Q4 holiday shopping season to increase revenue and drive awareness to their online store.

Invicta Stores carries an exclusive line of watches for men and women. Founded in 1837 in Switzerland, Invicta is led by innovation and renowned for their brand quality.

According to James Martinez, E-Commerce Manager at Invicta Stores, the establishment of Google Shopping efforts last year led to significant growth for the company as a whole.

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Working with CPC Strategy also allowed Invicta to redistribute their focus, tackling other areas within the company.

We spoke with Martinez, to discuss Invicta’s recent success and why he felt it was so important to invest in Google Shopping and build out the ecommerce side of the business.


Why did Invicta Stores decide to invest in Google Shopping?

Martinez: When I joined Invicta (about 9 months ago) the ecommerce site wasn’t selling that much. I started updating the catalog and our online advertising efforts, which was really important because our customers want the most up-to-date watches.

I also started to focus on Facebook ads and email marketing campaigns. I saw how our online customers were reacting (and growing) that’s when the ecommerce side of the business started to take off.

I was managing our PPC efforts by myself, but what I discovered was – managing PPC efforts is a full time job. I can’t just sit there and look at AdWords all day and only manage that one side of the business because there are so many other aspects that I need to focus on.


At the time, I was working for Invicta for about 4 months and I knew I had established a solid foundation, but I also knew that we would need to partner with professionals in the industry in order to reach our goals.

In September 2016, we teamed up with CPC Strategy’s experts to establish Google Shopping efforts and take Invicta’s PPC efforts to the next level.

Below Dean Lee, Retail Search Manager at CPC Strategy outlines how he worked in conjunction with Martinez to meet 2016 objectives including: drive traffic to Invicta’s ecommerce store, increase order volume, and grow revenue via Google Shopping.

Goal 1: Drive Traffic to Ecommerce Store

Invicta wanted to improve their ecommerce presence & expand their customer reach.

They knew in order to do so, they would need to establish advanced Google Shopping campaigns to increase product discoverability and drive conversions.

Previously, they were running trademark campaign and remarketing campaigns, mixed with a few light text ad campaigns based on their most popular collection.

From there, we integrated Google Shopping, which became a significant channel to expand Invicta’s reach and grow their user base.

Goal 2: Increase Order Volume

We also built out Dynamic Search Ads based on collections and implemented Dynamic Remarketing campaigns – targeting page viewers and cart abandoners to increase traffic and order volume.

Goal 3: Revenue Growth via Google Shopping

In addition to improving awareness of their online store, Invicta also wanted to increase revenue.

We implemented ISO™ Campaigns, a way to leverage priority settings and negative keywords to isolate and allocate more aggressive bids and budget to certain high value searches.

This advanced strategy gives advertisers more control over which search queries their products show up for. It also allows them to isolate and dedicate budget to search queries that historically convert well.

Ultimately, CPC Strategy was able to successfully serve as an extension of Invicta’s in-house team, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business including site optimization & email marketing.

How has Google Shopping impacted your business?

Martinez: We’ve grown so much that we’ve had to hire more staff to keep up with the volume.

Once we were able to take care of things on the PPC side of the business (increasing traffic & conversions), I was able to improve our email marketing efforts, work more closely with my staff, and focus on long term growth opportunities for Invicta Stores.

CaptureSince joining CPC Strategy, our improvements have brought a lot of attention to the ecommerce side of the business.

Now Invicta’s board is investing more in that department because it had the highest growth last year. We are now exceeding our goals for the first time, which is fantastic!

In 2017, I’m focusing on the implementation of our new web design & ecommerce platform to ensure a better experience for our customers.

I’m also researching email automation marketing platforms – so we will be able to target cart abandoners with recovery emails and get them back into our funnel.

Overall, Invicta’s ecommerce business has improved drastically since partnering with CPC Strategy.

Now, our customers are able to find us a lot easier, which was something that we needed. Invicta is a very popular brand (known worldwide) but we were missing out on a huge chunk of our customers because they weren’t able to find us online.

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