Introducing Google Shopping Bidding By Device

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Google Shopping Bidding By Device

Thanks to a recent announcement from the 2016 Google Shopping Performance Summit, advertisers will have more control and flexibility on specific mobile bids and be able to set individual bid adjustments for other devices including desktop and tablets.

The latest feature will allow advertisers to anchor their base keyword bid to the device most valuable to their business and then set bid adjustments for each of the other devices.

As traffic continues to rise in popularity on mobile and tablets – the ability to measure device specific metrics accurately is essential for campaign optimization.

According to Google, advertisers will also have a wider range to adjust bids, up to +900%.

With more controls, advertisers can optimize their campaigns while maintaining a single campaign that reaches consumers across devices.

Impact of Google Shopping Bidding By Device

“This is a feature update which has been long awaited by basically anyone advertising on AdWords,” Josh Brisco, Manager at Retail Search Operations at CPC Strategy.

josh“Not only will we have better control of budget, visibility & ROI at the device level, this will also enable much cleaner campaign-by-device segmentation, which will make substantiating the multi-device conversion path much more simple.”

“AdWords is going back to old school ways by bringing back what advertisers missed the most from enhanced campaigns: campaign level device segmentation,” Roman Fitch, Retail Search Manager at CPC Strategy said.

roman-fitch“If you structure your campaigns currently, it’ll allow you to see how Shopping on specific devices interplays with other campaigns, and even see in Google Analytics how shopping from device devices interplays with other channels.”

“It’ll also allow advertisers to setup budgets by device, time of day bid modifiers by device, and geo-targeting by device. This could be especially useful as Google pushes for more local PLAs.”

2016 Google Performance Summit

In addition to the bidding by device, Google also released a series of new tools and features – aimed at improving and optimizing campaign management for advertisers.

To view the Google Ads & Analytics Innovations Keynote, watch the following video or check out our main takeaways below.

New Text Ads for Mobile

Earlier this year, Google removed right-hand side ads on desktop to improve the search experience and make it more consistent across devices. This paved the way for Google to introduce some of the biggest changes to text ads since AdWords launched more than a decade ago.

The new expanded text ads in AdWords will provide more ad space so advertisers can showcase more information about their products and services before the click. Early results have in some cases increased CTRs by almost 20%.

New Text Ads for Mobile Changes include:

google shopping bidding by device

New Display Ads for Mobile

Thanks to new Display ads for Mobile, advertisers can simply provide headlines, a description, an image, and a URL — and Google will automatically design responsive ads with the best size, shape and create.

google shopping bidding by device

Essentially, it’s a much easier build out and less work needed on the account side. Responsive ads for display adapt to the diverse content across more than two million publisher sites and apps on the Google Display Network (GDN).

New Location Advertising

According to Google, nearly one third of all mobile searches are related to location. To help advertisers reach consumers searching for physical business locations, they are introducing new local search ads across and Google Maps.

Now advertisers using location extensions will be able to showcase their business locations. For example, if someone searches for “electronic store” a local Best Buy Ad will appear, which can be clicked through to reach store info/site.

Google is also experimenting with a variety of ad formats on Maps that will make it much easier for users to find businesses as they navigate. For example,  when someone is driving on a road trip using Google Maps, a “Shell Station” Promoted-Pin will appear as a “Pin” along the route.

google shopping bidding by device

New Display Remarketing

Extension of Remarketing Lists with Cross-Exchange Audiences- Can target people who HAVE NOT visited your site but have similar interests/searches as users who HAVE visited your site.

New AdWords & Analytics Interface

Coming in late 2016 and through 2017, Google will offer a new AdWords dashboard which will offer advertisers relevant KPIs without having to dive in to the account.

Practitioners can focus on business goals rather than just product performance. Soon, they will be able to build campaigns out with specific business goal in mind and Google will have has specific Campaign shells/types based on goal selected.

An example would be to select “My Goal is to Drive Traffic to My Store”. For this option Google will provide a Search Campaign with Location Extensions and Store-Visit capabilities.

The new interface will also make it easier to access Location and Geographic Extensions and performances.

The new Analytics interface will also offer better integration with AdWords and faster site experiment builds. The Data Studio 360 will be able to create reports. These reports can access all data points (Analytics data, AdWords data, etc.) and will function like a Google-Doc, that can be shared and edited by users simultaneously.

Users will also be able to  “ask Google a question” and get an answer right away, similar to asking Siri. For example,“How many new users were there this month?”

For more on Google Shopping Bidding by Device and other information on the Google Shopping Performance Summit 2016, email [email protected]

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