Sample Data Feeds and Feed Specifications for Comparison Shopping Engines

By Tinuiti Team

It’s not always easy to figure out what your data feeds should be formatted like–and those specs can change and expand any day.

Read on to find some sample data feeds and links to data feed specifications for some major shopping channels.


Google Shopping Campaign Feed

There are two different places you could upload your Google Shopping feeds, and it all depends on who you are:


Each of these platforms requires different information. Manufacturer Center gives brand manufacturers the ability to add even more information than before–including details such as scent and color.

Of course, the more data you can enter, the more likely your customers are to surface your listings and convert.

Sample Data Feed for Google Shopping


Other Google Shopping Resources:


 Free Download: Google Shopping Feed Optimizations for Retailers

Amazon Product Ads Feed

Amazon’s built on two things: Product discoverability and buyability. You can influence both with high-quality data & content that fits Amazon’s specs.

Amazon feed specs vary according to product category–ranging from Health & Personal Care to Books. Whatever you’re selling, you can get all of the requirements on the data feed specifications page:


Other Amazon Resources:

Bing Shopping Feed

Bing may not be the biggest contender on this list, but we still manage the platform–and see success–for many of our clients. Get the sample feed and specs you need to succeed on Bing right here:

Other Bing Shopping Resources:

Facebook Product Catalog Feed

When the ecommerce rising star started allowing feed and catalog uploads, we knew the world would never be the same (and neither would profits).

Learn how to set up your Facebook product catalog and upload a feed, and then check out our complete guide to our favorite Facebook ads–Dynamic Ads.


Other Facebook Product Catalog Resources:

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